Citizen TV, NTV & Standard Journalists Rescued After Week of Hiding

  • A file image of police officers hoping into an Armoured vehicle
    A file image of police officers hoping into an Armoured vehicle
  • Three journalists, who have hiding in a house within Kapedo for the past week, were on Thursday, January 21, rescued by police officers.

    The three; Emmanuel Cheboit (Citizen TV), Peter Warutumu (NTV) and Mike Ekutani (Radio Maisha), had been trapped in the house following an attack that saw General Service Unit (GSU) Operations Commander Emadau Tebakol killed.

    The trio travelled from Lodwar, Turkana, and proceeded to cover a public baraza and food-distribution exercise that took place last week. They were about to leave when they were informed of the attack.

    A photo of a team of Journalists at Mitihani House During Releasing of KCPE Results on Monday November 18, 2019.
    A team of Journalists at Mitihani House during the release of KCPE Results on Monday, November 18, 2019.
    Simon Kiragu

    They were then forced to look for a house and seek shelter near Kapedo trading center.

    "It was a terrible experience, we could hear the gunshots," Warutumo stated.

    On his part, Cheboit stated that bandits had flattened tyres of one of the Armored Personnel Courier (APC) that had been sent to rescue them.

    This had led them to stay for some extra days at the house. The food that they had was running out.

    During their stay at the house, the journalists never got to talk to their families or communicate with their employers who were concerned for their safety.

    The journalists indicated that most activities in the area had been paralysed following the attacks.

    "Students have been at home and it as been difficult for residents to receive healthcare. The operation is moving n swiftly and residents are hopeful that everything will be good," the journalists stated.

    On Tuesday, January 19, Interior CS Fred Matiang'i warned that operations in the area would proceed until individuals propagating the banditry attacks were accosted.

    "We are going to act decisively. We are going to make sure that those involved are facilitated to meet with the law. By the time we are done, it will be a story to be told to the generations to come.

    "I am asking those who know those who murdered our senior police officer to bring to surrender them. We will go for them no matter how long it will take us," Matiang'i said. 

    Tiaty MP William Kamket has since been arrested for allegedly inciting the killings.

    Tiaty MP William Kamket addresses the media in 2019