Mass Cancellation of Title Deeds: How to Secure Nairobi Land

  • Ministry of Tourism CAS Joseph Boinnet receiving the title deed from President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2019.
    Ministry of Tourism CAS Joseph Boinnet receiving the title deed from President Uhuru Kenyatta in 2019.
  • The Ministry of Lands is currently in the process of transitioning the lands records to a new registration system which will see a number of titles cancelled and replaced with new ones to comply with the law. 

    The exercise is already underway with land reference numbers for plots in Nairobi having been converted to new parcel numbers, with the corresponding acreage respectively specified in the notice.

    In a Gazette notice dated January 26, landowners in Nairobi are advised to check their plots with the new parcel numbers in the ongoing process.

    The land is divided into blocks with the most recent notice indicating that they go up to Block 246 and the Land Reference numbers (LR) replaced with new parcel numbers.

    Land surveyors at work
    Land surveyors at work

    The process is in line with regulation 4 (4) of the Land Registration (Registration Units) Order, 2017, where the Cabinet Secretary for Lands and Physical Planning, received from the registrar conversion list and cadastral maps in respect of Nairobi Land Registration Unit.

    "Any person with an interest in land within the registration unit who is aggrieved by the information in the conversion list or the cadastral maps are invited within the next 90 days from the date of publication of this notice," the owners are advised.

    A resident can make a complaint, in writing in Form LRA 96 set out in the second schedule to the land registration (registration Units) order, 2017, to the registrar in respect of the information contained in the conversion list and the cadastral maps

    One can also opt to apply to the Registrar in Form LRA 76 set out in the Sixth Schedule to the Land Registration (General) regulations, 2017 for the registration of a caution pending the clarification or resolution of any complaint.

    Once a dispute is lodged, the registrar shall resolve the same within 90 days of receipt.

    Register owners will be invited to make applications for replacement of title documents from the closed registers. 

    The application shall be accompanied by the original title and the owner's identification documents. The registrar will replace title deeds with new ones.

    The registrar shall then retain the old title documents for record and safe custody.

    "All transactions or dealings relating to parcels in the schedule from May 10, 2021, be carried out in the new registers," Lands CS Farida Karoney directed in the notice.

    The cadastral maps can also be accessed at the Ministry of Lands and Physical Planning, Ardhi House, 1st Ngong Avenue.

    A section of the plots with new parecl numbers in Nairobi
    A section of the plots with new parcel numbers in Nairobi

    You an access the full list of the new parcel numbers here.

    The objective of the conversion is to collapse land registration processes in the repealed land registration laws into one. All titles issued under the repealed laws shall be cancelled and replaced with titles under the Land Registration Act, 2012.

    The cancellation and replacement will migrate the parcels to the new regime while retaining the ownership, size and other interests registered against the respective title.

    “I wish to assure land and property owners as well as the general public that the ministry is taking great care to protect property rights as guaranteed by the Constitution of Kenya and the laws that govern land administration and management in Kenya,” CS Karoney assured in a previous interview.

    Lands CS Farida Karoney
    Lands CS Farida Karoney