Mombasa Residents Warned Over Contaminated Water

Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho addresses the public on January 23, 2020.
Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho addresses the public on January 23, 2020.

The National Environment Management Authority (NEMA)  has warned residents not to use borehole water saying it is not safe for domestic use. 

According to NEMA, the contaminated borehole water consists of a high percentage of faecal matter which is not fit for human consumption.

Environmental inspector, Benson Wemali, said the contamination is due to the boreholes dug near septic tanks.

Residents Queuing To Fetch Borehole Water

“This is very dangerous because Mombasa lacks a sewerage plant. Households lack sewerage connections. Most houses in the city have soak pit and septic tanks. Sadly, most boreholes are dug near the septic and soak pits for easier connectivity and flow of water from the boreholes,” said Mr. Wemali.

Wemali further stated that most of the boreholes are susceptible to water pollution.

“ Due to the water access issues in Mombasa, most of the houses have a borehole. But I blame water agencies for failing in their mandate. The authorities that give licenses for boreholes don’t inspect them,” he added. 

Most Mombasa residents depend on borehole water since the water demand is 186,000 cubic meters a day against a supply of 42,000 cubic meters hence water shortage.

“The available supply can only meet about 25 percent of the demand and thus there is a need for concerted effort to address the water deficit,’’ Said the local government in a fiscal strategy paper.

The environment officer further insisted that the county administration should monitor the boreholes and have standards based on the type of the houses.

He also urged the county to ensure landlords install small treatment plants in their houses to clean up the water.

Mombasa County residents have salty water because of contiguity to the Indian ocean. Saline water contains significant amounts of dissolved salts.

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