Govt Begins Plans to Wipe Out 3,000 Businesses

  • Aerial view of Nairobi County.
    Aerial view of Nairobi County.
  • The government has rolled out a plan likely to wipe out 3,000 businesses raising concerns among stakeholders.

    A report by the Nation on Saturday, February 27, indicated that the state, through the Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority (EPRA), laid out a number of new requirements to be achieved by all petroleum companies.

    In the requirements, EPRA demanded that all filling stations across the country should stand on a 150-square meter of land and must have a canopy.

    The authority further mandated that all the station must always sell a minimum of 200,000 litres of fuel per month.

    That was to ensure that counterfeits in the industry are kicked out promptly.

    A petrol station attendant pumping fuel into a car.
    A petrol station attendant pumping fuel into a car.

    Small scale petroleum traders in Mt Kenya Region, however, took to the streets lamenting that  the new requirements were punitive and would wipe out over 3,000 businesses they claimed were legitimate.

    The new development comes the same day when Kenya Bureau of Standards (KBS) debuted new rules to be observed by stakeholders in the LPG gas and tanker businesses.

    Among the requirements is the use of reinforced steel to minimise explosions.

    Kenya Bureau of Standards Managing Director Benard Njiraini confirmed that the new technology would be implemented in gas cylinders, tankers, installation sites, handling and storage of gas cylinders.

    "Petroleum and LPG products are highly flammable and require proper storage within a user's premises," stated Njiraini.

    The new effects took place in the week beginning Monday, February 22.

    The agency further indicated that cylinders and tankers that would not follow through the new rules would be isolated and destroyed as punishment.

    Managing Director Bernard Njiraini making his remarks during the World Standards Celebration on October 15, 2020
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