Autopsy Reports on KDF Officer "Bitten to Death" Sheds New Light

An image of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation(DCI) headquarters in Kiambu Road, Nairobi
A file image of the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) headquarters in Kiambu Road, Nairobi

An autopsy report conducted on a Kenya Defense Forces (KDF) soldier who was reported to have died after being bitten by his lover at their Kahawa Wendani home on Sunday, April 4, has emerged. 

The autopsy has debunked the widely reported claim that Daniel Omollo Onyango was bitten to death as pathologists established that he was pushed down in a way that made him unable to breathe for a prolonged time.  

The post mortem examination, conducted by KDF pathologists together with the chief government pathologist at the Kenya Defense Forces Memorial Hospital revealed that the soldier died of low oxygen concentration in the blood.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), Onyango was pushed down to the ground to the point of suffocation.

KDF officers at a barracks in Kenya

The circumstances under his death remain unclear as his wife, the main suspect in the murder, maintained that she was acting in defense as her husband was trying to hurt her.

"He fainted. During the scuffle, I freed myself and left him in the bedroom. When he gets angry he likes throwing things in the house and self-harming," defended the musician who claims to have heard him calling out moments later that he was struggling to breath.

“He started holding his stomach, I don’t know where he hit himself,” said Asale.

According to witnesses, also Asale's relatives, the woman pushed Onyango to the wall after which the KDF soldier collapsed.

Investigations carried out also revealed that the deceased had bite marks on his chest and injuries on his hand, while Asale sustained injuries on her shoulder.

The 37-year-old soldier, who was based at the Gilgil Barracks, had travelled home from Gilgil to confirm his wife's claims of having hired a studio at Mirema Drive in Roysambu, Nairobi, that he had not agreed to.

A few hours later, Onyango and his wife begun fighting after the midnight hours of Saturday, April 3, which was followed by the death of the soldier on arrival to Kahawa Garrison Health Centre in Kiambu County.

The musician, who also goes by the stage name, Zian Achana, said that she was actively looking for a lawyer to represent her during the hearing of the case on Tuesday, April 6.

Violet Asale, Musician who is accused of killing her KDF Husband.
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