Videos of Kenyan Reporters Caught in Awkward Live TV Moments

  • Media personalities Alex Chamwada and Larry Madowo (R) reporting live on different occasions
    Media personalities Alex Chamwada and Larry Madowo (R) reporting live on different occasions
  • Television reporters are often faced with a myriad of challenges when filing their stories or reporting live on TV. Some of the moments catch the viewers eyes and end up going viral on social media.

    From being emotional to beatings, below are awkward moments that have previously taken place on Kenyan TV.

    1.) Larry Madowo and umbrella incident

    The renowned BBC journalist had trouble while reporting live on TV, Saturday, April 10, following a strong wind that kept being blown off and at some point, even turned his umbrella inside out.

    Madowo was covering the ongoing court case of Derek Chauvin, a police officer who is accused of kneeling on George Floyd's neck leading to his demise.

    "I battled an umbrella on live TV and won! It tried to embarrass me on international TV but I didn’t come to play," he wrote on his social media pages.

    2.) Hassan Mugambi beating some journalists.

    While covering the Dusit D2 Riverside Drive Terror attack in 2019, Mugambi was caught live on camera smacking his colleagues.

    Journalists had surrounded Interior CS Fred Matiang'i in a bid to take good camera shots when an angry Mugambi emerged from behind and beat them on their backs.

    He was trying to stop the journalists from blocking his crew’s view of the press briefing.

    This, then, forced them to squat while others had to sit on the ground.

    3.) Jackie Maribe emotional while reporting live

    In 2017, the reporter was part of the journalists who were covering the Jubilee party's campaign trails.

    Unfortunately, a plane that was ferrying some of Maribe's colleagues crashed, killing all those that were on board.

    Maribe would report live on TV, breaking into tears as she eulogised her colleagues and noted that she was supposed to be on the plane as well.

    "It is traumatising that this is the same chopper that we have been using to cover Jubilee's elections," she stated as she started sobbing, leading the cameraperson to pan and shift focus on the lake.

    4.) Alex Chamwada and heavy wind blowing

    The renowned media personality was reporting live from the International Criminal Courts when heavy winds blew, swaying him from side to side and ultimately, leading to his scripts being blown off.

    "Oh my goodness," he was heard saying.

    It took some time before the journalist recollected his thoughts and continue with his piece.

    5.) Charles Gikunga slapping a man

    In 2019, Inooro TV's Gikunga was reporting when he slapped a man who walked into his shot.

    The video went viral on social media platforms went viral on social media pages with many Kenyans witnessing some of the challenges journalists endure when filing reports.