New Twist in Kihika Mother Ksh600M Property Row

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    Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika, the daughter of former Nakuru North MP Dickson Kihika
  • Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika's stepmother, Margaret Wambui has opposed the court's decision to appoint her daughter Florence Nduta as a joint administrator of the family's Ksh600 million estate. 

    Nduta took over her mother's role in February 2021 and was tasked with managing the estate along with her other three stepmothers, Alice Mukuhi, Mary Wangari, and Miriam Warau.

    However, the 90-year-old Wambui filed a suit in court against the court's decision and urged the judge to appoint her other daughter, Erishifa Wanjiru as her replacement. 

    She argued that she doesn't have faith in Nduta who would allegedly mismanage the estate after unlawfully attempting to seize its control in 2018. 

    The late Dickson Kihika. Former Nakuru North MP

    "The first administrator (Wambui) requested to step down and be substituted by her daughter Wanjiru, who will protect her interests in the property. 

    “All beneficiaries have agreed and signed a consent that the applicant replaces her mother to represent her interest in the suit properties,” her lawyers stated. 

    The case will be heard on May 31, 2021, after the judge directed the plaintiff and the accused to present their evidence and arguments in court. 

    The Ksh600 million property in the contest was inherited from former Nakuru North MP Dickson Kihika Kimani who passed away on November 19, 2004, at the age of 78.

    His family has been embroiled in a nearly two-decade court battle as they fight for control and split the estate. In 2018, the family's three step-daughters, Nduta, Anthony Kihika and Judy Muthoni sought to replace their mothers as administrators. 

    The four widows opposed the suit with Wambui further blocking the children from accessing part of a 1,000-acre land left behind by the former MP. 

    One of the siblings, Peris Njoki was further sentenced to two years in jail after physically fighting her sister, Caroline Kihika. Njoki, however, appealed the case which was overruled by the High Court and she was set free. 

    An empty court room.
    An empty court room.