Brian Bera: State House Intruder Opens Church

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    Brian Kibet Bera sneaked into State House in June 2019.
  • Brian Kibet Bera, a former Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) student, has opened a church nearly two years after he was shot at State House

    The self-proclaimed prophet based in Mt Elgon, Kitale has over 1,300 followers on his Facebook page which he predominantly uses to preach, request for tithes and share his activities. 

    Bera quotes bible verses and encourages his followers to believe in the word and offers different numbers for prayers and contributions. He argues that he has had run-ins with several telco companies which block his sim cards.

    "Thank you for your tithes: Ksh783 sent over the last 8 hours. May God make your cup overflow with blessings. I'm hurrying to return the borrowed phone, I will post the names (of contributors) tomorrow," he posted on Friday, May 14. 

    Sel-proclaimed prophet, Bera Brian smoking a locally made cigarette

    Facebook, at one point, pulled down one of his pages over a post that flouted their community guidelines. 

    Nonetheless, his spiritual path has raised questions among his followers and interested parties who differ on his doctrines. Kibet shares images of what reportedly appears to be drug abuse and lashes out at those he accuses of plotting his downfall. 

    "All my enemies, led by my father, are now planning to take me to rehab prison. Oh Lord my God! How long shall I suffer in prison for smoking herb bearing seed for spiritual food that thou gave us?

    "Please visit me in prison. Bring me the holy herb. I may be in prison for more than six months this time round," he posted on Friday, May 14, lamenting that he was facing arrest. 

    Bera came into the limelight in June 2019 when he was shot by police officers at State House. He was accused of being armed with a knife and threatening to attack the security men after sneaking into President Uhuru Kenyatta's home. 

    The former engineering student was charged with trespass after being treated for the gunshot wound he sustained on his left shoulder plate. On his Facebook page, he shares photos of the gunshots to preach to his followers. 

    Detectives found out that Bera had threatened to attack the President prior to sneaking into State House. He had accused the head of state of orchestrating injustice against him in a series of posts on his previous Facebook page. 

    "Let this message reach President Uhuru Kenyatta and his people who stole my land and my inheritance. Even if Uhuru makes me his Deputy President, I will not accept. I'd rather be a slave among wise men than be a ruler among fools," he posted arguing that they had been denied entry into a parcel in Mt Elgon. 

    His father - David Bera - however, pleaded for his release arguing that his son was suffering from a medical disorder, which prompted his daring action. He added that the son temporarily halted studies to focus on his treatment in 2018. 

    Bera was released on Ksh100,000 personal bond after pleading with the court not to send him to a mental facility. 

    President Uhuru Kenyatta (front), First Lady Margaret Kenyatta and the President's aide de camp at State House, Nairobi