Kenyan Flag Bracelet Helps US Police Identify Missing Driver

  • A photo of the late Evans Gathaga
    A photo of the late Evans Gathaga
  • A Kenyan Evans Gathaga Muhia, who was reported missing over a week ago has been found by Douglas County police at a slimy stream next to where he lived in Lithia Springs, Georgia, USA.

    The news shook the Kenyan community in Atlanta which has witnessed many deaths over a short period of time.

    Officers revealed that the identification of his body was easy as he had a common Kenyan flag beaded bracelet that most Kenyans are fond of wearing.

    Police mentioned that it is likely he did not jump but slid down the creek as his shirt was caught by trees before landing into the waters, where a fisherman later saw it and called them in.

    Photo of Evans standing next to KWS helicopter.
    Photo of Evans standing next to KWS helicopter.

    Those that heard of his disappearance, went to look for him and found his truck parked at the very spot he used to park-with the refrigeration unit still running.

    Evans was a truck driver initially working with a transport company called Everitt, eventually becoming an owner-operator with his company Gaxan Logistics LLC.

    According to his Facebook page, Evans studied at Aviation College in Nairobi and was an aircraft Engineer with the Kenya Wildlife service before moving to the US.

    His close friends described him as very composed, reserved, and a man of good taste in fashions but soft-spoken.

    Those that knew him also mentioned his success in the transport business.

    Another US publication also indicated that Bishop Mwawasi, a Church leader, was the last person he sought help from having approached him complaining of seeing strange weird visions.

    Funeral arrangements shall be coordinated by his Aunt who lives in Atlanta.

    Undated image of a crime scene
    Undated image of a crime scene
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