Decorated Police Officer Pushed To Resignation After Uhuru Award

  • Former Police officer Doris Wako speaking to the Nation
    Former Police officer Doris Wako speaking to the Nation
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  • A female Police officer has opted to sell fish for a living in an open-air market after she was frustrated into resignation despite receiving an award from President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    Speaking to Nation on Sunday, May 23, former officer Doris Wako disclosed that she was frustrated by her superiors and any efforts to have her plight sorted fell on deaf ears.

    The Busia resident noted that she had been deployed at Busia Police Station and transferred within the county three times but the problem came when she was taken outside the county.

    "My Name is Doris Wako, HSC (Head of State Commendation) and I was deployed within Busia County three times. I was later transferred to Kakamega before another came directing me to Vihiga County. I was transferred to five stations within one year," she disclosed.

    Former Police officer Doris Wako at her fish joint in Busia County
    Former Police officer Doris Wako at her fish joint in Busia County.

    She noted that she lodged a complaint in Kakamega over numerous transfers she was enduring because she had taken in 14 street children and her own biological child was sickly.

    Her cries were, however, ignored by superiors who subjected her to procrastinations.

    "When I went to my boss, he told me I was not needed there and threatened to stopped my salary. I moved to Kakamega and I met the leader who promised me she would follow up but nothing happened.

    "I moved to our headquarters, the Vigilance House, where I met a boss who was rude and he claimed that I was dirty... After listening to me, He told me to return street children to the street and take my sickly child to work," she noted.

    Wako revealed that she found the order strange because she had stayed with the urchins for 7 years and she could not return them to the street.

    She opted to resign her job and keep the children.

    "I had carried my pictures and documents (to Vigilance House). We wedded and after two weeks my husband passed away," she added.

    She revealed that her boss had informed her that taking care of street urchins was not under the mandate of the police service but the church.

    Wako believes that her woes began in 2018 after she received the commendation from President Uhuru for her selflessness in taking care of the street families.

    "I decided to sell fish because when I was in the police service, I received the HSC and it seems some of my bosses were not happy abut it. I saw the changes because I was in Child Protection Unit but I was transferred and I was returned to General Duty.

    "I just want to take care of the urchins. The HSC is a title I received. Let it help me in fish selling since it was not helpful in the service," she concluded.

    Viviana Williams, a traffic officer who requested to be allowed to resign from the police service

    Her plight comes roughly two weeks after another female officer shared a video in which she was pleading with the enforcement ministry to relieve her of her duties.

    Police Constable (PC) Viviana Williams, in a viral video, demanded to be relieved from her duties claiming that she was sexually harassed and mistreated by her bosses. 

    "Sir, kindly allow me to resign from the police office because I can thrive elsewhere. Even if it means, resigning without pay, I will not mind," she complained. 

    Investigations into her case are still ongoing.

    Below is the video of Doris Wako:

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