Uhuru Faces Another Security Scare [VIDEO]

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta captured deep in thought
    President Uhuru Kenyatta captured deep in thought
  • Update: President Uhuru Kenyatta's security team identified the man as a citizen who was excited to see the president's motorcade. 

    They stated his security was not under any kind of threat.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta on Wednesday, May 26, faced a security scare while on a tour of Lucky Summer Estate in Nairobi County. 

    In a video seen by Kenyans.co.ke, a man is seen interrupting the presidential motorcade by standing in the middle of the road.

    In an instant, two police riders who guarding the President stopped their motorbikes and went after the man.

    A chase car also pulls up beside the president's car and two security officers alight in a bid to avert any danger.

    The presidential escort officers quickly got hold of the man even as he appeared to plead with them to excuse his behaviour. 

    Gradually, the car carrying the head of state started to move. Few metres ahead, it decelerated and Uhuru waved at the people cheering him on.

    Last week, President Uhuru Kenyatta was in Lamu to commission the first berth of the Lamu Port.

    As he was reading his speeh, a man from the crowd made his way towards Uhuru. When he saw him, he moved backwards in momental shock.

    His security guards acted quickly, getting hold of the man. He identified himself as a Lamu resident who wanted to talk to the president about lack of jobs.

    Uhuru acted unbothered and stated "kila mtu na mambo yake."

    President Uhuru Kenyatta arrives at Lamu Port to preside over the operationalization of the first berth of the 32-berth seaport on Thursday, May 21, 2021