Watch Uhuru’s Reaction to Breach of Security in Lamu

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    President Uhuru Kenyatta speaks during the operationalization of the first berth at the new Lamu Port on Thursday, May 20, 2021
  • UPDATE: The man identified himself to the police, who confirmed that he was a resident of the area.

    He claimed his intention was to express dissatisfaction with the lack of jobs in the new port.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta was astounded by a man who appeared to be moving towards him without notice during the commissioning of the first berth at Lamu Port on Thursday, May 20. 

    The man appeared out of the blue as the President was reading his speech. 

    Uhuru, after noting commotion with the room, paused and moved backwards from the podium while trying to comprehend the situation. 

    However, his security detail was quick to react. Cameras captured the Presidential Escort Unit and military deescalating the issue.

    Uhuru despite being visibly stirred by the event, recomposed himself and continued with his speech after apologising to the audience. 

    Pole sana kila mtu na mambo yake,’ continued Uhuru as he brushed off the incident.

    It is not clear what happened to the trespasser after he was intercepted by Uhuru's security team..

    According to VIP security expert who spoke to, the President's personal space is closely guarded with his team monitoring the perimeter for any abrupt movements.

    The Presidential escort unit provides security and protection to the President, the First Family, retired Presidents, the Deputy President, visiting Heads of State and Governments and any other V.I.P. as may be directed by the Inspector-General. 

    It is composed of bikers, personal aides and members drawn from the GSU Recce squad.

    The team are led by the Presidential Escort Unit commander who directs all activities, from motorcade arrangement to travel itinerary. 

    Construction of Lamu Port began in 2012 after the commissioning of the Lapsset project by retired President Mwai Kibaki. Earlier on the President had launched a 114 km road linking Garsen to Lamu.