Citizen TV Pulls Down Episode After Swaleh Mdoe's Remarks

  • An undated image of Citizen TV news anchor Swaleh Mdoe
    An undated image of Citizen TV news anchor Swaleh Mdoe
  • An episode of the Tafakari ya Babu segment done by Citizen TV news anchor Swaleh Mdoe on Monday, May 24, was pulled down after his remarks caused a stir.

    The anchor took to social media to explain the occurrence but was however adamant in his response.

    "Tafakari ya Babu that you will never see. On Monday, May 24, I stated some remarks that did not sit well with a few people. I would like to clarify that the segment was not in reference to a particular person but a narration of a true story. 

    Citizen TV studios
    Citizen TV studios

    "However, It's been pulled down. It's normally stated that you are likely involved in something if it irritates you," he stated. 

    A section of Kenyans online had ranted over the segment citing that Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) CEO Ezekiel Mutua should be roped in and take action. 

    "I don't understand how you let Swaleh spew rubbish always on Tafakari ya babu, do you guys listen to him? Speaking of "ladies body parts" and I have heard that for the second time today. We need clean content, this guy should style up," read some of the comments online.

    The veteran journalist is known for his proverbial sayings during the segment.  His episodes are known to stir reactions among various Kenyans who fault his antics and remarks while on the segment.

    In a past segment, he took a swipe at fellow journalists over ranks and titles in the media industry. 

    "Kenyans are obsessed with big titles. Dr, Professor, engineer so-and-so, senior editor, senior anchor. What seniority is there when we are editing the same copy or reading news?" he posed a question to the audience.

    The news anchor concluded the segment by trolling his colleagues with a reference made famous by Pastor James Ng'ang'a. 

    "Just asking senior media gurus. Labish," he stated.

    Features and segments often get pulled down after they attract negative publicity or cause an uproar due to their contents. 

    Citizen TV anchor Swaleh Mdoe
    Citizen TV anchor Swaleh Mdoe holding copies of his book