How to Anonymously Report Tax Cheats on KRA's iWhistle Platform

  • Kenya Revenue Authority signage on a building
    Kenya Revenue Authority signage on a building
  • The Kenya Revenue Authority (KRA) in November 2020, launched an informant reward platform, iWhistle, with the aim of encouraging Kenyans to report various reports on tax crimes. 

    However, the scheme had hit a snag after various Kenyans raised concerns about their safety in terms of user identities when reporting such integral cases. 

    This led to the development of the iWhistle platform as KRA moved to guarantee users anonymity. 

    Among the tax frauds and crimes, one can report include: tax evasion, bribery, fraud, conflict of interest, abuse of office, concealment, diversion of goods as well as company offences.

    A screenshot showing KRA's iWhistle platform
    A screenshot showing KRA's iWhistle platform

    Here is a guide to help you secretly report tax crimes.

    Set up your Account:

    1. Generate an anonymous ID and key in an anonymous username. (The user is cautioned not to share their details as it might jeopardise their identity)

    -Once confirmed, an anonymous User ID is generated, 

    -Create and confirm your password.  (The user is also warned that in case they forget their password, they would not be able to log in hence will be forced to create another account).

    Incident Report:

    2.The user gives a detailed report of the tax crimes, what happened and which parties were involved as well as proof.

     -Log in to your account using your new credentials.

    Fill in the Whistle/Report form

    - Select the violation type from the list of category that best indicates the focus of your report ( either tax evasion, bribery, fraud, conflict of interest etc)

    - Fill in details of either Individual or business alleged in the violation. Key in details such as taxpayer/business name, KRA pin number, ID number, mobile number, and email address

    - Add whether KRA officers are involved in the violation. Key in details of their names, employment number, mobile number, KRA station of the officers, and any other details of the KRA personnel that may be useful.

    -Fill in the location where the incident occurred and date or time of the incident.

    - Enter details of the financial transactions if any. Bank names and bank accounts. 

    - Incident description. Fill in the estimated amount and currency. 

    -Give a detailed description of the alleged violation.

    - Click the adjacent button in red if you wish to receive a reward. 

    -Attach any supporting documents

    -Click submit


    -The right side of the platform will show the user where he or she can track and assess the progress and feedback if any.

    Frequently Asked Queries

    How much will I be paid for giving the information?
    The reward, according to KRA  Act Cap 469 chapter 5A is dependent on the collection of revenue from the tax schemes. It includes an amount less or equal to 5 percent of the taxes or duties recovered ( the reward could amount to Ksh2 million per case depending on the case). 

    How long will an investigation take?
    Depends on the nature of the case. Normally it takes 60 days working day completion timelines

    What is the procedure for receiving my reward?
    If you seek to be rewarded, you will be needed to provide your bank details and personal details. You will be required to fill IMF 001 form in duplicate.

    How does KRA ensure my anonymity?
    The authority has a whistleblower policy that aims at securing the identity of the user.
    It also collaborates with the witness protection agency. 

    What are the other corruption reporting channels?

    A letter to the Commissioner-General:
    To the Commissioner-General
    Complains and Information Centre KRA
    P.O Box 48240-00100 Nairobi


    0726 984 668
    020 281 7700
    020 281 7800

    Report in person:
    Corruption reporting office
    26th Floor, Times Tower

    KRA offices in Nairobi.
    A file image of the reception area at KRA offices in Nairobi.
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