Free Online Courses With Certification To Take in Kenya

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    UoN students celebrate after graduating in December 2019
  • Access to knowledge and information is no longer confined to four walls.The digital era has streamlined the availability of knowledge and skills set required in the job market.

    If you are having trouble enrolling to an institution of higher learning owing to school fees or probably want to gain certain skills without spending a dime, here are options for you.

    Google Digital Skills for Africa
    Learn digital with google offers personalized courses to grow your career or business. It focuses on three categories namely digital marketing, career development, data and tech.

    The platform has over 152 courses, giving the learner a wide pool to choose from.

    A large sign outside Google's offices in San Francisco.
    A large sign outside Google's offices in San Francisco.

    To begin, visit and register with your details.

    Select your preferred course. Once you choose a course, your account will show the status of the course. If it is still ongoing, it will show that it is in progress.

    Duration for the courses varies depending on the course selected.

    Upon completion, you will be awarded a certificate which you can add to your CV.


    Besides being a job-hunting platform, Fuzu has an online learning platform.

    It has an array of categories to choose from. It offers courses in hospitality, HR, Radiotherapy, Marketing, Public Relations, Psychology among many others.

    Fuzu has recognized that an individual requires soft skills to enable them to fit in the workplace therefore it gives the learner an opportunity to work on those skills.

    To get started, go to Fuzu and set up an account. On the dashboard, select learn. Then select a course of your choice and get started.

    Graduands attend a graduation ceremony organised by a Kenyan University.
    Graduands attend a graduation ceremony organised by a Kenyan University.

    LinkedIn Learning

    LinkedIn is a social platform for professionals. With Linkedin, one sets up their account and fills out their professional abilities and interests.

    Therefore, depending on the field you are in, LinkedIn suggests courses that are in line with your career.

    On your LinkedIn profile, there is a section dubbed LinkedIn Learning. Once you click on LinkedIn Learning, a number of courses will be shown to you.

    Select your preferred course and get started.

    Your LinkedIn account will show the completed course and skills acquired. This is beneficial as it is visible to employers/recruiters.


    Coursera gives you the opportunity to acquire skills from World-Class universities all over the world. They have partnered with Ivy League Schools such as Yale, Harvard, Princeton and Columbia.

    They offer courses in Computer Science, Mathematics, IT, Arts and Humanities, Business and Health among others.

    To enrol for a course, visit

    Log in by creating an account on the dashboard, select explore.

    A drop down will appear, click on take a free course. Begin your career journey

    Moi University students at a graduation ceremony in August 2019