Terrorists Attack 2 Buses Mid-journey, Injure Police Officers

  • One of the buses which was attacked by terrorists on Monday, June 7
    One of the buses which was attacked by terrorists on Monday, June 7
  • Suspected terrorists on Monday, June 7, attacked two buses between Ola and Sarman in Mandera County.  

    The incident was confirmed by Banisa police boss Khamasi Shivogo who stated that several police officers were injured after a confrontation with the armed gunmen suspected to be Al Shabaab militants.

    At the time of publishing this article, no casualties had been confirmed. 

    Police officers at a scene in a previous incident
    Police officers at a scene of crime in a previous incident

    According to witnesses, one of the drivers tried to speed off from the scene in a bid to escape the terrorists but ultimately injured some of the passengers as the bus overturned. Reports indicate over ten passengers were injured in the incident.

    The news comes as insecurity within Mandera County has been a growing concern among residents.

    Recently, three police officers, who were on routine patrol, were killed after been ambushed by suspected Al Shabaab terrorists. 

    Senior Assistant General of police Miriam Muli affirmed that five other officers had also been seriously injured following the incident.

    "The ambush which took place at 6 a.m in Banisa during routine border patrol, has unfortunately left five of our police officers injured and they are currently receiving medical attention," Muli stated.

    She also assured residents that police officers had increased surveillance within the area in order to bring the perpetrators to justice.

    In another incident, several KDF officers were also injured after their vehicle hit an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) along the Kenya-Somalia border. 

     KDF Spokesperson Zipporah Kioko affirmed that, as a result, they had deployed more teams along the border to curb the terrorist attacks. 

    "Regrettably, three soldiers succumbed to their injuries. These soldiers paid the ultimate sacrifice while protecting the citizens of Kenya," Kioko stated.

    KDF officers during a past operation
    KDF officers during a past operation.
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