Kikambala Paradise Hotel on Sale for Ksh800 Million

  • Paradise Beach Resort
    A file Image of the Paradise Beach Resort, Kilifi.
  • Paradise Beach Resort management has expressed that it is seeking to sell the state of the art hotel in Kikambala, Kilifi County.

    The Nation on Tuesday, June 8, reported that the hotel owners were looking for potential buyers to purchase at a price of Ksh 800 Million.

    The Israeli-owned hotel has been in existence for over 20 years, is a major attraction site for tourists travelling from all parts of the world.

    A file Image of Paradise Hotel Kikambala after the attack.
    A file Image of Paradise Beach Resort, Kikambala.

    It sits on a 20 acre piece of land ,overlooking the Indian Ocean. 

    In 2002, the hotel attracted Worldwide attention after it became a target for the terrorist group Al-Qaeda.One afternoon, three suicide bombers rammed into the premises and denoted a bomb.

    The hotel was targeted after a number of Israeli tourists had visited the hotel.

    The Incident took the lives of 18 people, leaving 80 of them injured. The Israel Military flew to Kenya to help manage the situation.

    Out of the 18 casualities only three were Israeli nationals.

    The hotel was in ruins, nothing could be salvaged after the attack.

    The owner spoke to an Israeli media house narrating the incident "the whole hotel is burned. The whole hotel. There is a lot of smoke. The whole hotel is burned totally, both wings, the lobby and everything, it's all burned."

    Years later after the rebuild, the hotel regained its glory. Operations resumed and tourists even recommended it on Trip Advisor.

    The Covid-19 effects on the economic situation appear to have changed fortunes for the owners hence the need to sell. 

    A file Image Of Paradise Hotel after the attack