Autopsy on Child Found in Bishop's Car Reveals Painful Death

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    A police crime scene
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  • Parents can now find closure after the autopsy showing the cause of their child's death was released three years after he was found inside a Bishop's car.

    A report by People Daily on Thursday, June 10, indicated that the minor, Emmanuel Wekesa, died after suffering consistent multiple organ failure caused by asphyxia or suffocation.

    The autopsy also revealed that there was fresh blood inside his stomach an indication that he had been kidnapped.

    The body of the victim was found inside the car of the then Ushindi Baptist church Bishop Joseph Maisha in Likoni, Mombasa on February 25, 2018.

    A police car in Kenya
    A police car in Kenya.

    The autopsy, which had been carried out at the Coast General Hospital and presented as an exhibit during the trial before Mombasa Chief Magistrate Ednah Nyaloti, also showed that the victim's lungs were congested.

    The report also showed that the brain of the minor had shown signs of early decomposition as well as vascular congestion.

    In an earlier statement, the parents of the boy, Richard Wasike and his wife Joyce, revealed that Wekesa had attended mass at the church before he went missing for 12 hours.

    The father further indicated that after his body was found, his relatives accused him of offering Wekesa as a sacrifice to the church.

    “I just want to know the truth; I want justice for my son, l have been shunned and ostracised by my immediate family, l can not be allowed to step foot in my upcountry home since they believe l offered my son as a sacrifice.

    “The vehicle where my son’s body was found is that of our bishop. l was informed of his death by a senior pastor at the church who told me my son had been found dead inside the bishop’s car,” he stated.

    in 2019, the parents accused the police of laxity in delivering justice for the child.

    An analysis of CCTV cameras stationed at the church did not reveal useful information regarding how the child entered the car and what transpired on the fateful day.

    "I had accompanied DCI officers to view the CCTV footage inside the church. All the other footage was recovered save for the one on the day my son disappeared.

    "The officers informed me that they would contact the person who installed the CCTV since he was in Malindi and up to date, I am yet to know his whereabouts,” stated Wasike.

    The hearing is set for September 8, 2021.

    DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya.
    DCI detectives probe a crime scene in Kenya.