Raila Raises Alarm Over Rising Cases of Missing Children

ODM party leader Raila Odinga at a rally speaking on the BBI at Malindi on March 3, 2021
ODM party leader Raila Odinga at a rally speaking on the BBI at Malindi on March 3, 2021

ODM Leader Raila Odinga on Thursday, June 17, raised an alarm over the rising cases of missing children experienced in recent past in the Country.

In a press statement, the opposition leader acknowledged that the day of the African Child was celebrated against the backdrop of increasing heartbreaking reports of missing, murdered, harmed, and abused children in our country.

He urged Kenyans to look into children's health and safety concerns.

Raila greets Kisumu residents while inspecting projects in the area on May 24, 2021, ahead of the Madaraka Day celebrations.

"We cannot turn our backs on our children. We need vigilance. We need to report suspicious activities early and immediately. Let’s end this sad trend," Odinga stated.

Odinga urged relevant authorities to be more vigilant and avoid reuniting children with their birth parents who might have previously abused them.

A section of Kenyans have raised concerns over the recent reports of missing children who end up being found dead or are never found at all.

A recent case is that of of a 19-year-old KCSE 2020 candidate whose body was found at Portreiz Hospital.

Autopsy results conducted on Najma Abdullahi disclosed that she died of a high-velocity injury. Detectives believe that she was murdered.

In yet another incident, eight-year-old girl Shantel Nzembi who went missing and was later found murdered.

Nzembi went missing on Sunday afternoon, May 30, when she left the house to play with her friend only identified as Sharon, the daughter of a police officer who lived nearby.

However, her parents got concerned when she hadn't returned home that evening. Shortly after, Shantel's mother received a call from a private number and a voice of a female lady asking for ransom to which she promised to get.

Her daughter's body would be found stuffed in a gunny bag the next day at Noonkopir.

The late Shantel Nzembi
The late Shantel Nzembi
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