DCI Reveals Why Many Nairobi CBD Muggers Go Scott Free

  • A picture of a mugging incident.
    A picture of a mugging incident.
  • The Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) has issued a statement over the escalating cases of muggings within the Nairobi Central Business District (CBD).

    Taking to social media on Monday, June 21, the DCI affirmed that many Kenyans who fell victim to muggings failed to make formal reports at the offices hence leading to many muggers escaping their due punishment.

    While the directorate commended Kenyans for taking to social media to unearth and narrate their ordeal at the hands of the muggers, it urged the victims to formalize the complaints by filing a report at the police station.

    An image taken outside the DCI headquarters in Kiambu Road, Nairobi
    An image taken outside the DCI headquarters in Kiambu Road, Nairobi

    "We urge them (victims) to formalize those complaints as guided, to facilitate the prosecution process once arrests are effected.

    "Many are scenarios when suspected muggers go scot-free even after they have been arrested along various streets and walks within the CBD, as the few who report at the station fail to pursue their cases or never turn up for hearings," part of the statement read.

    Concerns had been raised on muggings along the CBD, with many Kenyans complaining that the vice has escalated in the recent past.

    Among the areas singled out as dangerous spots include; Aga Khan walk/ Re-insurance Plaza side, area around 680 Hotel, Bruce area of Standard street all the way to Jubilee Insurance, City hall, area around the Supreme court.

    Kenyans have lamented on constant muggings especially past 7.30 pm whereby gangs are prevalent in the stipulated areas.

    Initially, Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai had affirmed the formation of a special crimes unit to curb the vice after Kenyans took to social media to lament on the issue. 

    "We have a special anti-mugging squad that handles robbery with violence incidents including the ones that involve Boda boda riders.

    "We also have police officers on patrol 24/7. We also have an elaborate anti-agency team comprised of a special crime prevention unit that deals with homicides. We encourage members of the public to report to the police should they spot any unusual activity," Mutyambai stated during a past Engage the IG Forum. 

    Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai in December 2020
    Inspector General Hillary Mutyambai in December 2020
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