Caroline Kangogo: Wanted Police Withdraws Money From Bank, Eludes Detectives

  • Caroline Kangogo a police officer,is still on the run after allegedly killing two men
    The late Corporal Caroline Kangogo who passed away on Friday, July 16, 2021
  • Caroline Kangogo, the police officer wanted for the murder of two men, was traced to a hideout in Drive-Inn near Mathare Slums.

    Detectives disclosed that Kangogo evaded traps laid to apprehend her at Kahawa Wendani along Thika Road after police trailed her to the region. An earlier plan between the DCI and a lawyer who was to aid her in surrendering to the police backfired. 

    Police had scaled down her search to allow her to turn herself in. The fugitive withdrew Ksh40,000 from a bank in Juja, Kiambu County within the week that she has been using to facilitate her travel across counties, book hotels and purchase supplies. 

    Police are tracking a motorbike rider who ferried her from Kahawa Wendani to Drive-Inn. She is further expected to sneak out of Nairobi to Mombasa after allegedly threatening her husband, a senior police officer attached to the Maritime Police Unit at the Coast. 

    An undated file image of Corporal Caroline Kangogo.
    An undated file image of Corporal Caroline Kangogo.

    Reports indicated that she told him to prepare for his death and would be assassinated similar to the two men she was accused of shooting, a police officer in Nakuru and a security expert in Juja. 

    Detectives suspected that Kangongo was on a revenge mission, but could not ascertain the reason behind her motives. They claimed that the security expert, Peter Ndigwa, might have sold a car to Kangogo through dubious means and forged documents.

    "We suspect that Kangogo may have demanded the money back but was ignored. It is a theory we are pursuing. We have factual leads," a detective noted. 

    "We are leaving nothing to chance. We have made good progress and I thank the DCI headquarters for their support and soon we shall make a breakthrough," Juja DCIO boss Richard Mwaura added.

    Ndigwa's widows clashed at a funeral home where his postmortem was conducted on Thursday, July 9. Margaret Wambui's relatives advised the media against interviewing Purity Wandiri. The two were meeting for the first time ever in their life. 

    Wandiri's brother defended her sister arguing that she had the right to tell her story and describe her relationship with Ndigwa. Wandiri detailed that she was shocked at finding out that her former husband had married another woman and was also entangled in a love affair with a police officer. 

    "I did not know he had remarried. I have just been informed here at the mortuary that he was married to another woman. I married him in 2006 and we later had a church wedding. 

    Everything was fine with our marriage but he left us when a business we had opened began to flourish. I have been raising our 13-year-old daughter alone since then. He was a good man before the money drove him away,"Wandiri stated. 

    Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road
    Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road
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