Man Last Seen With Mwenda Mbijiwe Reported Missing

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    Former KDF official and security expert Mwenda Mbijiwe
  • The case of former KDF officer and security expert Mwenda Mbijiwe has taken a new twist after his friend who was last spotted with him was also reported missing. 

    Mathew Muhatia's family claimed that they have not heard from their kin since June 12, the day Mbijiwe also mysteriously disappeared. They filed a missing person's report at Muthangari Police Station on June 18, six days later. 

    The two were reported to be very close friends who spent time together at Muhatia's home in Kawangware and his upcountry home in Kitale.

    Muhatia's second wife, Cynthia Salome, described him as a prayerful and family-oriented man but discreet and withdrawn at times. The Kawangware resident reportedly told his family that he was a taxi driver, a claim he never substantiated and one they never doubted. 

    Cynthia Salome Watai, Mathew Muhatia's wife in an interview with the Standard.
    The Standard

    Prior to Mbijiwe missing, the two met at Muhatia's home where they talked for over an hour inside the ex-Kenya Air Force commander's car. Salome even interacted with Mbijiwe and laughed about the two families going on vacation. 

    "I made him supper and prepared him water to shower when he returned that evening," Salome recalled. 

    On the fateful day, June 12, Mbijiwe reportedly called Muhatia at 4 am to remind him of a planned meeting between the duo. The wife contacted him at around 3 pm after Muhatia failed to notify her of his whereabouts. 

    "When I called him, he didn’t pick the call but returned an hour later. He assured me they were okay and sent Ksh300 for supper," she narrated, adding that Mbijiwe could be heard laughing in the background and interrupting the conversation. 

    Muhatia' phone went off a few hours later. Desperate to locate him, Salome called him multiple times but couldn't reach him. The first wife, Everlyne Muhatia who lives in Kitale, called Salome and told her that she also couldn't trace him. 

    A few days later Mbijiwe's car was found parked along the Kamiti Corner area, Kiambu County. Muhatia's car was found abandoned along Mai Mahiu Road, Nakuru Country. 

    Mbijiwe's family, however, refuted claims that Mathew was their son's friend. They alleged that he was a Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) officer used to covertly befriend Mbijiwe. 

    "Matthew is said to be a DCI officer, don't buy whatever story they are selling. I feel he was used to get to Mwenda.

    "Did his family report he went missing?  I can't tell. Secondly, while we were busy searching for Mwenda did the family come out and say their own has disappeared along Mwenda?" The relative who spoke to in anonymity wondered why it took so long for Muhatia's family to speak to the media. 

    Nonetheless, the alleged DCI officer's family reiterated that they reported the case at Muthangari Police Station and that they also searched for his body in Nairobi, Thika and  Murang'a morgues.

    "We, especially our parents in Kitale are worried over his disappearance. Let the government trace and bring him to us whether dead or alive," they pleaded. 

    Lead detectives declined to speak to on the issue, claiming that the case was under investigation and disclosing any evidence would be tantamount to breaking the law. 

    Additional reporting by Stephanie Wangari

    Mwenda Mbijiwe in court in June 2019