Spy Tactics Caroline Kangogo is Using to Evade Arrest

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    Kenyan police inside a building in Nairobi, Kenya
  • In his book, Inside the Criminal Mind, Stanton Samenow PhD - a clinical psychologist and expert witness specializing in criminal behaviour - states that, no matter how bizarre or repugnant the crime, criminals are rational, calculating, and deliberate in their actions.

    They know right from wrong, are a step ahead of the police and understand that to perpetuate the crime, they require logic and self-control. 'Police are following leads'; this has been the most common phrase in nearly all investigations. 

    Detectives investigating two murder cases linked to Corporal Caroline Kangogo admitted that she is elusive, conniving, armed and dangerous. 

    With over 13 years of experience in the police service, Kangogo knows the loopholes, the tactics and can piece together the mind of a detective.

    Caroline Kangogo a police officer,is still on the run after allegedly killing two men
    The late Corporal Caroline Kangogo who passed away on Friday, July 16, 2021

    Having handled prisoners and interacted with rogue criminals while still serving as a law-abiding officer, she can conceptualise and figure out how to hide, act as an imposter and also tactfully receive free aid from unsuspecting citizens. 

    "We are leaving nothing to chance. We have made good progress and I thank the DCI headquarters for their support and soon we shall make a breakthrough," Juja DCIO boss Richard Mwaura stated on tracing Kangogo to Mathare Slums. 

    The DCI has been guarded about her manhunt and has offered less clarification as compared to their dramatic and figurative narrations posted on their Twitter page, in regards to such cases. 

    Kangogo’s spy and evasion tactics 

    Corporal and Anti-crime unit officer. 

    The fugitive is an experienced crime analyst, trained in cybercrime too. She knows how to circumvent firewalls - network security systems that monitor and control incoming and outgoing network traffic based on predetermined security rules.

    Knowledge of how internet connectivity works enables her to hide her location and this makes it hard for the DCI Crime Research & Intelligence Bureau(CRIB) to track her. 

    She was also reported to be one of the best sharpshooters and suspected to be heavily armed and may be using the black market to acquire unregistered firearms and ammunition. Her colleagues in Kasarani Police Station, Nakuru, stated that she had ties with the criminals and was linked with debauchery. 

    Possibly has an insider 

    “She has friends. Yes, she does, and most are in the service. I highly doubt they are insiders,” a detective who spoke to Kenyans.co.ke said. 

    However, the fact that Kangogo has been in the service for over a decade and has worked in five police stations somewhat supports the assumption that she relies on her colleagues and moles to keep in touch with the investigations surrounding her criminal activities. 

    Boda Boda riders in Nairobi CBD in 2020.
    Boda Boda riders in Nairobi CBD in 2020.

    Access to funds

    Questions were raised on how Kangogo withdrew Ksh40,000 from a bank in Juja, Kiambu County. According to sleuths, she is using the funds to purchase supplies and pay for hotels apart from fares and other miscellaneous expenses.

    Having been marked as wanted, armed and dangerous, her bank and mobile money accounts ought to have been frozen, according to security experts. 

    Stealth and Cover

    Detectives detailed that she had resorted to stealth and cover tactics. One of these was switching from electronic money to cash. The last electronic receipts they traced were bank statements at a hotel in Juja where she shot dead Peter Ndigwa, a businessman and security expert who was accused of swindling her in a sham car deal. 

    Employees at the hotel added that she was partly captured on CCTV cameras and they never had a commotion when she assassinated the suspect. This brought the use of sophisticated weapon accessories such as silencers into the equation and the capacity to act without attracting public attention. 

    Police added that she dumped her cell phone and maybe using encrypted calls. In the city, she has been using motorbikes as her last-mile connectivity. Boda Boda riders have always been accused of aiding and abetting criminals other than being prime suspects in city robberies. 

    They can also aid one to sneak through panya routes and unguarded alleys. 

    Death as the last solution 

    A plan between the DCI and a lawyer who was to have Kangogo surrender backfired. Marked as armed and dangerous and facing countless charges from murder, both felony and misdemeanour, misuse of a firearm and threatening police and citizens’ lives, two hypotheses for the end of this thriller would be surrendering or extrajudicial killing as witnessed in past cases where police went rogue. 

    An undated image of police sealing off a road in Nairobi during a past raid.
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