Police Bosses Protecting Caroline Kangogo Clash With Detectives

Caroline Kangogo a police officer,is still on the run after allegedly killing two men
The late Corporal Caroline Kangogo who passed away on Friday, July 16, 2021

Senior rogue police officers and dangerous criminals who have been in contact with fugitive Caroline Kangogo have been accused of protecting her against a multi-agency team assigned the task of her apprehension.

Juja DCIO Richard Mwaura detailed that the detectives had unravelled the syndicate of police bosses who were allegedly cartels and kingpins of notorious gangs. 

The group was linked to protecting business owners, politicians, drug lords, highway robbers and carjackers. One of the leads detectives are investigating is a car theft deal that went sour between Kangogo and Peter Ndigwa, an ex-officer and security expert she allegedly murdered in Juja, Kiambu. 

Ndigwa, prior to his death, had reportedly assisted the wanted policewoman to escape from Nakuru County where she reportedly killed her colleague, police constable John Ogweno. 

Undated image of wanted police officer Caroline Kangogo
Undated image of wanted police officer Caroline Kangogo

Detectives stated that they had linked four more people, including senior and junior police in Kangogo's case. She was alleged to be the cleaner - a specialized person who bungles cases by contaminating evidence from a crime scene as well as being a top assassin. 

They added that this was one of the many crimes the gang was involved in, especially in the Rift Valley region.

"One group of police officers want her punished while another is protecting her," a detective told the Nation

"Some of the people she has been communicating with are senior officers and dangerous criminals," Juja DCIO Mwaura exposed. 

Questions were, however, raised on how Kangogo is keeping in touch with the officers yet she dumped her phone and has been under the radar, avoiding public places and internet connectivity. 

These are some of the spy tactics she has been using to elude sleuths. Among others are stealth, cover and disguise, and access to funds. 

Mwaura detailed that, nonetheless, they won't stop tracking her and would apprehend and arraign her for murder. 

"Our file is ready, and anytime she is arrested or surrenders, we shall parade her before the court," Mwaura declared. 

"We have expanded our hunt to major highways, hotels, lodges and other places where we feel she could be hiding. Soon we shall arrest her," a detective added.

Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road
Directorate of Criminal Investigations headquarters along Kiambu Road
Simon Kiragu
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