Isaac Mwaura Rescues 2020 KCPE Candidate Rejected by 5 Schools

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    Winnie Jelimo (left) and her father Samwell Kipruto (right)
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  • Former Jubilee Nominated Senator Isaac Mwaura has secured sponsorship and admission for Winnie Jelimo, a KCPE 2020 candidate who was rejected by five secondary schools. 

    Jelimo scored 347 marks in the March 2021 exams but was denied admission by the schools owing to her disability - albinism.  The student sat her exams at Ilula Primary School in Eldoret and aspires to be a doctor in the future. 

    Mwaura, on Thursday, July 15, detailed that a group of well-wishers under his coordination had secured two slots for the 15-year-old girl from Nandi County. 

    "She has two slots at Kapkenda Girls High School or Thika High School for the Visually Impaired (my alma mater). Thanks to all those who reached out or tagged us for us to intervene," Mwaura announced. 

    An image of Isaac Mwaura
    Kiambu politician Isaac Mwaura addressing a congregation at All Saints Cathedral, Nairobi

    The youthful politician added that the Kenya Education Fund agreed to sponsor her education for the next four years.

    Her personal emoluments including the provision of sunscreen lotions and protective clothing will be provided by the Albinism Society Kenya. 

    Jelimo and her parents spoke to a number of local media houses, lamenting that the girl was discriminated against by the five principals and schools she sought admission to. 

    "The principal informed my father that they don't admit people living with albinism. I was hurt so much, but my father tried to be strong for me. I have never faced any discrimination due to my skin, even during my primary school life. What wrong did I do to deserve this?" she complained. 

    "We have tried to secure an admission slot for her in a number of secondary schools in vain. Many have said they cannot admit her due to her condition. I think albinism should not be the reason to deny her right to education," her father, Samwell Kipruto added. 

    Jelimo also disclosed that she was aggrieved seeing her schoolmates secure admissions to further their education as she grappled, moving from one school to another. 

    Her mother had asked the Ministry of Education to intervene.

    Winnie Jelimo scored 347 marks in the 2020 KCPE exams