Runda Residents Up in Arms Over New Estate Rules

  • Maisionettes constructed in Runda, Nairobi
    Maisionettes constructed in Runda, Nairobi.
  • Residents of the affluent Runda Estate in Nairobi are up in arms claiming that the management of their association has introduced new unfriendly rules.

    This comes roughly three weeks before the planned elections to choose the leadership of the association that boasts over 1,200 members.

    The fallout began in May 2021 after Honorary Secretary Dorothee Von Brentano issued a statement announcing an Annual General Meeting (AGM) for the association.

    However, there was a supremacy battle with one section of the residents arguing that the management had introduced new rules that would lock out some members interested in vying for elective posts.

    A signpost spelling out rules for access to Runda Estate in Nairobi.
    A signpost spelling out rules for access to Runda Estate in Nairobi.

    The rebel led by Rael Lumbasi, Edward Odundo and Naveed Sheikh claimed that the current leadership had introduced a committee that would vet individuals interested in vying for the seats.

    That was a walk-away from the association's current constitution that allowed any member to vie for elective posts as long as they are fully paid up.

    "Is there something they are trying to hide? Why introduce new rules, like vetting process which is not in our constitution, in the middle of the process," wondered Sheikh according to Nation.

    Lumbasi, on the other hand, championed a free and fair election in which the members should be allowed to chose leaders of their choice.

    "It is like they are intentionally trying to select a certain clique of people to be in office since we started voicing our concerns over deteriorating standards of services in the estate.

    "Even getting a volunteer position is now difficult," she argued.

    Runda has recently come under sharp focus after some residents claimed that Runda Association leaders were offering poor services.

    The union is tasked with providing recreation and enjoyment which boosts social activities in the neighbourhood. 

    It also oversees the security and development of common and natural resources in Runda alongside the development of infrastructure. 

    The estate is also known for enforcing strict estate guidelines, some of which were reported to at times lockout new tenants. 

    Some include barring the general public from loitering, dumping or burning trash while the maximum speed for all vehicles is 30 km/hr.

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