High School Where All Form 1 Students Failed to Show Up

An image of an empty classroom at Mikokwe ACK Secondary School
An image of an empty classroom at Mikokwe ACK Secondary School

A high school in Bumula, Bungoma County did not receive a single student in the just concluded Form One reporting.

From the NEMIS portal, only three students had been placed to join Mikokwe ACK Secondary School but none had reported to the school three days after placement.

The students had attained 185,174 and 143 marks in the 2020 Kenya Certificate Primary Education (KCPE).

A signpost showing Mikokwe ACK Secondary School
A signpost showing Mikokwe ACK Secondary School

The school principal Dickens Lungamati lamented that one of the students selected was from Webuye which is 80Km from the day school.

"We have experienced a challenge because no student has reported to this so far. Students from nearby were not given slots in this school. My prayer is that parents who leave nearby will bring their students to school because the facility has all the learning equipment and teachers," he stated.

Lungamati added that the school had spacious classrooms which could hold a total of 45-60 students.

A section of Form One students reported to their various schools across the country on Monday, August 2 with the last admission date expected to be August 6.

As part of the government's objective to ensure 100 percent transition in schools, Education CS George Magoha stated that all students must report to school.

36,254 candidates secured slots in National schools, 1,827 in special needs schools while 201,077 would join Extra County schools.

213,591 were admitted to county schools and 718,516 in sub-county schools.

A total of 1,191,616 candidates registered for KCPE 2020 exam but 12,424 were absent during the examination period.

Of the 1,179,192 pupils who sat the KCPE exams a majority of them; 889,011, scored below 300 out of 500 marks.

There were 8,091 candidates who scored over 400 marks.

Education CS George Magoha addresses the Maseno Graduation class of 2020 on April 30, 2021