80-year-old Opens Recording Studio, Invites Budding Singers

  • An Image of Somelody Studio Alongside Mary Mungai
    An Image of Somelody Studio Alongside Mary Mungai.
  • An eighty-year-old granny realised her teenage dream when she opened her own recording studio on Saturday, August 21.

    Mary Mungai opened Somelody Studios at her Birikani home in Voi sub-county to fulfill her biggest childhood dream. 

    As a teenager who loved to sing, she dreamed of owning a private recording studio at the time, or even just accessing one but all was in vain then.

    Mary Mungai fondly known as Shosh outside the door of Somelody studio at her Birikani Home in Voi sub-county.
    Mary MungaI Outside Somelody studio at her Birikani Home in Voi sub-county.

    "It took a long time to come but it finally came. My childhood dream is now fulfilled,” Mungai remarked.

    After it became apparent that her music dream was not going to be realised that easily, Shosh, as she is referred to, decided to pursue other career options. She focused on her education and worked as a nurse at MP Shah hospital for seven years.

    Coupled with marriage and parenting responsibilities, she gradually forgot about her dream.

    However, when she clocked 60 years, she revived her dream, this time around more determined. She often travelled to Nairobi to record her music.

    Even as she made trips to the capital city to record her music, her desire to set up a studio shifted from her personal benefit to reaching out to the youth and help them grow their musical talent.

    Mungai aimed at giving the youth an opportunity that she was denied during her teenage years by putting up for them an affordable and accessible studio.

    “In my youth, I wanted to sing, but I could not access a studio. Now, I want to give the young people who want to get into gospel music the opportunity that I didn’t have,” the octogenarian stated.

    However, she disclosed that Somelody Studios, which is derived from Solomon and represents wisdom and melody, is exclusively a gospel music studio.

    The new studio has state-of-the-art equipment that can record and produce music that meets international standards.

    Mungai is currently an established musician with a number of recorded songs in the Kikuyu dialect.

    Producer Isaac Kaberere at Somelody Studios.
    Producer Isaac Kaberere at Somelody Studios.