KeNHA Boss Reveals Plan to Solve Mombasa Road Crisis

  • Traffic on Mombasa Road in May 2021.
    Traffic on Mombasa Road in May 2021.
  • The Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) has revealed a set of measures to curb the ongoing traffic menace that has faced motorists plying the Mombasa road route.

    KeNHA Director General David Muchilwa affirmed that the Authority would block off U-turns at some sections of the road as they created confusion for road users.

    He added that this would lead to the creation of new and well-defined u-turn points. 

    Mombasa Road Traffic on Thursday August 26
    Mombasa Road Traffic on Thursday, August 26

    "The contractor needs to completely block off U-turns at some sections of the road because they are causing confusion. This should happen immediately," Muchilwa stated.

    Further, additional signposts would be added on various lanes, especially in sections where construction activities were rampant.

    Concrete barriers would also be used to physically block off unauthorised traffic movements. To address the situation of dust, the Authority would organise for watering of unpaved road sections used by traffic at frequent intervals.

    Muchilwa assured motorists that construction activities along Mlolongo, Machakos County would be accelerated and completed in the next two weeks.

    Alluding to the rising cases of accidents that have led to long traffic snarl-ups witnessed along the road, the KeNHA boss affirmed rapid intervention from traffic officers.

    He added that in different sections of the road, the authority would construct two traffic lanes with immediate effect.

    "The contractor needs to create two traffic lanes in some sections of the road immediately. We have also identified places where we need to create new proper U-turns so that when you travel in one direction you can turn in the other direction," Muchilwa stated.

    The response comes after Motorists on Thursday, August 26, experienced a traffic snarl-up that went up to five hours at night.

    The cause of the traffic was an accident in Mlolongo, Machakos County. The situation saw other motorists spending the night on the road before the traffic was cleared.

    Further, another cause of a number of traffic scenarios has been the ongoing construction of the Nairobi expressway.

    An undated image of the Nairobi Expressway passing above Waiyaki Way in Westlands, Nairobi