Stranded Student's Fees Paid, Hours After Citizen TV Feature

  • Entrance to Jomo Kenyatta Boys High School.
    Entrance to Jomo Kenyatta Boys High School.
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  • The family of a Form Two student in Nakuru County has every reason to smile after the learner's fee balance was cleared hours after Citizen TV aired their plight on Monday night, September 6.

    Maxwel Simiyu, who is a student at Jomo Kenyatta High School, Nakuru County had been sent home over fee arrears amounting to Ksh53,570. 

    Simiyu, who lives with his uncle in Kaptembwa area in Nakuru, had to resort to staying at home due to financial constraints.  

    CS Magoha overseeing KCSE preparations
    CS Magoha overseeing KCSE preparations

    His plight, after being aired by Citizen TV, caught the attention of Nakuru East Member of Parliament Samuel Arama, who intervened and cleared the fee balance.

    In the news feature, Simiyu's uncle detailed his struggles to make ends meet, and noted that he couldn't afford the lump sum amount. 

    He also pointed out that the school had not informed him about the fee balance, prior to Simiyu being sent home.

    "He has been in school without any problem for the whole of last year. The problem began when he was sent home for half term with a school fees balance of over Ksh50,000," Mudanyi stated.

    Simiyu was among 20 students who had been taken to school by Education Cabinet Secretary, George Magoha while enforcing the 100 per cent transition directive. 

    Arama, however, noted that despite the Ministry of Education's efforts to ensure the 100 percent transition, some of the students were still being kicked out. 

    "According to the instructions given by the Education CS, no student is supposed to be sent home for failure to pay school fees."

    "I urge the CS to come up with a proper circular and speak to headteachers so that students in the entire country can stay in school," the MP stated.

    In the recent past, Magoha and his team have been touring various counties on a mop-up exercise to ensure a 100 transition from primary to secondary, as promised by the government. 

    CS George Magoha during the Launch of Elimu Program on Thursday July 22,2021
    CS George Magoha during the Launch of Elimu Program on Thursday, July 22, 2021