Mandago Tips Uhuru on How to Exit Peacefully, Salvage Legacy

  • Governor Jackson Mandago
    Governor Jackson Mandago
  • The governor of Uasin Gishu County, Jackson Arap Mandago has poked fun and given President Uhuru Kenyatta tips on how to exit power peacefully after what some observers say is a tumultuous reign. 

    Speaking on Friday, September 17 Mandago took a pointed dig at the President, warning him against those in his inner circle, accusing them of being 'political brokers'. 

    While indirectly making reference to the President's tumultuous reign, which some critics say is largely characterised by a "president hellbent on persecuting his deputy and stopping him from ascending to power", Mandago said Uhuru must consider a peaceful exit. 

    “You are my friend that’s why I am advising you. Those people frustrating you and giving you pressure are political brokers jostling for survival after your exit,” Mandago said, amid chuckles from the crowd.

    While using Jubilee party boss Raphael Tuju and Vice Chairperson David Murathe as examples, Mandago asked Uhuru to set them free so that they start looking for new political partners to save them the agony of being overzealous to please him.

    President of the republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta
    President of the republic of Kenya, Uhuru Kenyatta

    “Murathe should go behind Raila and Tuju should decide whether he will go with Raila or Mudavadi as early as now. With that you can go home in peace,” Mandago remarked. 

    In his remarks, Mandago mentioned that Uhuru is ‘packing his bags’, and urged the people he referred to as ‘political brokers’ to find room for themselves in other parties, as they still have time. 

    Notably, Mandago mentioned that this time around, the people who will be in power are those who have never had the opportunity. 

    “Those who have been there will now be at the backbench and feel the pinch of being included or excluded in power distribution,” he remarked.

    Mandago also took swipe at Ndaragwa Member of Parliament, Jeremiah Kioni with his bid to seek money for the people of Mount Kenya. 

    He accused him of being shortsighted, adding that the people of Mt Kenya are all over, including in Bungoma and Kitale, and they need to be included in the plan. 

    “What of the Mount Kenya People living in Bungoma, Kitale and Uasin Gishu? Don’t you think they need money?” he sarcastically asked, saying that every Kenyan deserves equal distribution of resources. 

    Mandago used this opportunity to champion the bottom-up economic model spearheaded by Ruto and said it is the only key to a fair distribution of funds. 

    Uasin Gishu governor Jackson Mandago
    Uasin Gishu governor Jackson Mandago