UK MP Fights For Kenyans in British Parliament

  • UK Member of Parliament Theo Clarke
    UK Member of Parliament Theo Clarke
  • UK Member of Parliament Theo Clarke came out to defend Kenya over the decision by Britain to require travellers vaccinated in Kenya to quarantine at home for 10 days and undergo testing.

    On Tuesday, September 21, MP Clarke stated that Kenyans did not need to be added to that list and urged the UK's Transport Secretary to check on that.

    Ms Clarke stated that she was happy Kenya had been removed from the UK's Amber list noting that this will help boost trade between the two countries.

    She noted that relaxing the laws and allowing Kenyans who are fully vaccinated to not quarantine for 10 days once in the country would also be a step towards boosting trade.

    UK MP Theo Clarke
    UK MP Theo Clarke

    "In Parliament, I welcomed that from Wednesday #Kenya is not on the Red List. This will help boost Trade between UK and Kenya," she stated.

    "I urged Transport Secretary Grants Shapps to reduce restrictions further for fully vaccinated people arriving from Kenya & he agreed to work with me on this."

    UK Transport Secretary Grant Shapps agreed with Clarke in Parliament and stated that they will provide details on how people travelling from Kenya will be added to another list.

    "I'm delighted for Kenya for having come off the Red List and we will be providing details for how countries can be onboarding themselves to meet our requirements," Shapps stated.

    "I look forward to adding to the list of 50 countries where people who are fully vaccinated can come and go," he added.

    In a statement on Friday, September 17, UK announced that travellers from Kenya, Pakistan, Turkey, Maldives, Egypt, Oman, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh could now enter Britain.

    However, the travellers will not be allowed access immediately. According to a statement, Kenyan travellers will have to wait until September 22, 2021.

    Notably, South Africa was not taken off the UK's Red List.

    A file image of President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and British Prime Minister Borris Johnson.
    A file image of President Uhuru Kenyatta (left) and British Prime Minister Borris Johnson.