IG Mutyambai Responds After Nairobi Conmen Expose

  • The Inspector General of the police Hilary Mutyambai at a past function.
    The Inspector General of the police Hilary Mutyambai at a past function.
  • The Inspector General of Police, Hillary Mutyambai, has responded after a con business expose aired on KTN News on Sunday, September 26, accused police officers of colluding with the criminals.

    During his weekly social media engagements on Monday, September 27, IG Mutyambai confirmed that his office had received complaints from Kenyans who have been swindled through the fraudulent schemes within Nairobi's Central Business District (CBD).

    The IG added that the police have previously apprehended some fraudsters, stating that there have also been prosecutions over the same.

    Undated file image of two men in police handcuffs
    A file image of two men in police handcuffs

    "There are several cases that have been reported and action has been taken including arrests and prosecutions,” Mutyambai stated.

    In his statement, the police boss warned Kenyans to be cautious of well-organized schemes meant to swindle them of their hard-earned money.

    “Kenyans should, however, be cautious of these get-rich-quick schemes."

    The police boss was, however, taken to task by social media users who demanded more information on the action taken by his office.

    “What about convictions? Could you please give examples of those prosecutions, that is, the names of the actual court cases? Is any police officer or county askari among those arrested?” Nahashon Kimemia asked.

    These sentiments were echoed by Kenyans reacting to the expose. Social media users lamented over the state of insecurity in the CBD and the alleged involvement of police officers in the con business.

    “Street gangs steal money from Nairobi passersby. The lady goes to Kamukunji Police Station to report. The cop on duty calls the gang leader to return the money, and the gang leader comes with the money and returns it. What country is this?" Gabriel Oguda wondered.

    On Sunday, September 26, in his Game of Con expose, KTN journalist Siraju Rahman narrated how he was threatened by the fraudsters while carrying out his investigations. 

    "You know why. This is not the first time you are meddling into my business. Just know that I will deal with you accordingly," the fraudster threatened.

    KTN News Presenter Sirajurahman Abdullahi in a Past Event


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