Edgar Obare: My Brother has Been Kidnapped and Tortured

  • Blogger Edgar Obare was arrested by the DCI on Thursday, March 4
    Blogger Edgar Obare was arrested by the DCI on Thursday, March 4
  • Blogger Edgar Obare has recalled the events of his brother's kidnapping and torture under the hands of unknown men on Saturday, September 4. 

    Taking to his backup account on Instagram (bnnke) on Sunday, September 5, the blogger cited that his life is in danger as the said people are after him. 

    He questioned why his brother had to undergo such a treacherous ordeal in the hands of people who had an ill-motivated agenda. 

    File image of blogger Edgar Obare
    File image of blogger Edgar Obare

    "Saturday night, I was informed that they kidnapped my brother. They kidnapped him, tortured him and were more or less trying to get information about my whereabouts.

    "I am so sad that he had to go through that and that some people in this country would go so low that they are now going after my family,” he stated.

    Obare recounted the events that led to his brother's kidnapping. A few weeks ago, he sent his sibling to retrieve a package for him at a local airport. Due to unpaid bills for the package, he was unsuccessful and was told to come back another day by the customs office.

    Upon returning to settle the bill and get the package, Obare's brother met some unknown men who posed as DCI detectives.

    “When my brother went back to the customs office to pick the package, he found DCI agents waiting for him. He was then taken to a room and asked to surrender his phone. He was locked in a room for three to four hours. They kept asking him where I was,” he added.

    According to the blogger, his brother urged him not to go public with the scuffle at the airport – pointing out that his life would be put in danger. 

    "I respected his wishes and I kept quiet and here we are, they've kidnapped him and tortured him. They are now doing whatever they want. It's a sad day for my family and I," he stated.

    He called for police to arrest those culpable for his brother's kidnapping but also felt unsure about the justice system in Kenya alluding to his kidnapping ordeal in November 2020 where the perpetrators went scot-free.

    Calls by Kenyans.co.ke to the blogger to find out if he had reported the matter to the police went unanswered. 

    The blogger has been on the spot after his recent expose on the money laundering business dubbed wash wash where notable and prominent people were implicated in the vice.

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