Nairobi Lawyer's Attempt to Evict Mother From Ksh30 Million Home Stopped

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  • A Nairobi-based lawyer has been barred from evicting her mother and sister from a prime property in Mountain view estate. 

    The lawyer had sued her two family members, accusing them of trespassing on the property estimated to be worth Ksh30 million.

    However, the move was halted after orders were issued by Senior Resident Magistrate Geoffrey Onsarigo. 

    Undated file image of a gavel on the bench in the courtroom
    Undated file image of a gavel on the bench in the courtroom

    The daughter stated in court that she was the rightful owner of the land through a sale agreement dated January 26, 2005.

    The land belonged to her late father, a former Deputy Commissioner of lands. 

    "The defendants (mother and sister) between September 11 and September 23, 2020, trespassed into the premises interfering with my quiet enjoyment," she stated.

    During court proceedings, the lawyer wanted the court to issue restraining orders to both her mother and sister from accessing the property.

    The mother, on the other hand, had also filed a suit against her daughter. The petition sought for the lawyer to be barred from misusing the property.

    She claimed the property had been her matrimonial home for more than a decade after her husband purchased the home in 2005.

    She claimed that her daughter forcefully possessed the home after her husband's demise.

    The former lands DC left behind vast parcels of land in Nairobi, Nakuru, Baringo, Uasin Gishu, and Mambrui which are estimated to be worth Ksh500 million.

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