Meet Kenyan Granny Running Marathons

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    A Collage Image of Joyce Nduku, Kenyan Granny Running Marathon
  • Life begins at 40,  so they say. It's a time when those who opted for white collar jobs are at the peak of their career while those who went into self employment are reaping the fruits of their hard work.

    For 67-year-old granny, Joyce Nduku, she however, chose a different path.

    A retired nutritionist working with the Kenya Medical Research Institute (KEMRI), she decided to run long distance races, and ran her first marathon when she turned 50 in 2004.

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    Joyce Nduku Poses With Her Medals With Fellow Marathon Runners in a Past Event

    17 years later, Nduku will be running her third marathon in the  Abott World Marathon Majors-The Boston Marathon, on Monday, October 11 at 3 p.m.

    Notably, she will be running the 42-kilometre marathon while nursing an injury on her right leg.

    Nonetheless, Nduku will not let a discomfort in her achilles be a stumbling block to her quest.

    She intends to be a 'general' by all means. The general is a title bestowed to individuals who have completed six marathons in the world major series.

    "Very soon, I will be a general," a relentless Nduku declared.

    Nduku has already conquered the Chicago (2008) and New York (2019) marathons. She stated that she is motivated by her friend, six years junior to her, Felicita Kagwanja.

    "She is 62 years and she has finished the six World Marathon Majors," the former nutritionist said.

    Nduku parted with Ksh32,000 for registration and Ksh2,000 as insurance to participate in the Boston Marathon as a recreational runner. She called for more Kenyans to take part in recreational running.

    “We need to push this country and put it on the world map; that this country is not only for elite running but also for recreational running,” she stated.

    Nduku revealed that she would be running to raise funds for a university student, Caroline Mbula, at the East African University, who has an outstanding debt of about Ksh200,000.

    A File Image of Participants During the 2014 Boston Marathon