Woman Shot While Saving Boda Boda Rider's Life

  • Police officers at an accident scene involving a car and a motorbike at the Kanisa road roundabout in Nyeri on July 11, 2011.
    Police officers at an accident scene involving a car and a motorbike at the Kanisa Road roundabout in Nyeri on July 11, 2011.
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  • A woman is nursing an injury in Meru County after she was shot on Tuesday, October 12, while saving a boda boda rider's life.

    A statement by the Directorate of Criminal Investigation (DCI) indicated that the two thugs, who were armed, approached the rider, Elphas Mutwiri, pretending to be passengers.

    One of the attackers then suddenly brandished a gun at the rider mid-journey demanding him to stop but the defiant rider declined.

    In the ensuing melee, the firearm discharged one round prompting Mutwiri to dump the bike in a ditch with the thugs on board, before running for his dear life.

    A gunman in a balaclava
    An undated photo of a gunman in a balaclava.

    Mutwiri sought refuge at the woman's house who directed him to hide under her bed.

    "The agitated thugs who were no longer interested in the bike, stormed the woman’s house a minute later baying for Mutwiri’s blood.

    "When the woman denied harbouring the rider, the thugs shot her on the left leg as they fled," read the statement by DCI in part.

    After the thugs left, Mutwiri and other witnesses rushed her to a hospital in Meru County where he received treatment.

    The incident took place on a road between Laare market in Igembe and Joune market in Meru County.

    A manhunt for the duo was launched last night and detectives are closing in on them to answer to their crimes.

    This comes a week after the National Police Service (NPS) warned of a new syndicate that targeted newly purchased motorbikes from Kenya for resale in Ethiopia.

    The racket had, in a period of one year, been accused of stealing over 400 motorbikes valued at about Ksh60 million.

    The syndicate approached jobless youth by promising to recruit them into the boda boda business from where they can get an income.

    Some of them even claim that they have a listing on Credit Reference Bureau (CRB) and would like the youth to take the loans on their behalf.

    Ethiopia is the preferred destination for the sale of motorbikes because when purchasing the commodity, a logbook is not a major requirement.

    An undated photo of boda boda riders in Nairobi
    An undated photo of boda boda riders in Nairobi.
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