Havi Blasts CJ Koome After Issuing Statement Against Willy Mutunga

  • LSK President Nelson Havi
    President of the Law Society of Kenya Nelson Havi in Nairobi in February 2020.
    Nairobi Exposed
  • The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) President, Nelson Havi, on Friday, October 29, faulted Chief Justice Martha Koome for responding to her predecessor, Willy Mutunga, who had called on judicial officers to go on a strike.

    Mutunga had asked the Judges to down their tools in support of the six Judges that President Uhuru Kenyatta failed to appoint.

    In a rejoinder, Koome termed Mutunga's call as malicious, unfounded and irresponsible, adding that she did not approve of such actions by the Judiciary.

    Chief Justice Martha Koome (left) and LSK President Nelson Havi (right)
    Chief Justice Martha Koome (left) and LSK President Nelson Havi (right)

    It is these sentiments that did not sit well with Havi, who argued that the CJ should have kept mum on the matter.

    "Chief Justice Martha Koome lacks emotional intelligence. She needed not to respond to Retired Chief Justice Dr. Willy Mutunga’s call for Judges to go on strike. It is common sense that Judges cannot go on strike," Havi wrote on Twitter.

    Havi, who has on a number of occasions attacked the Chief Justice, had earlier on asked Koome to swear in the six judges saying that she had nothing to lose.

    The advocate went on to compare Koome and former Chief Justice David Maraga saying that the latter would go down as the most respected of judges for always putting the executive on its toes.

    "Her office requires the goodwill of Kenyans rather than that of the executive. What harm can they do to her?"

    "They cannot take away her car, her salary, they can't lock her office, they can't kill her... Let her do the right thing, swear in the six judges," Havi stated.

    His sentiments were supported by exiled lawyer Miguna Miguna who indicated that Koome ought to obey the court order.

    "I don't understand why people are saying she is doomed if she does and she is doomed if she doesn't. The Chief Justice does not have two options, the Chief Justice must uphold the rule of law. The Chief Justice must obey the court order," he stated.

    Chief Justice Martha Koome appears before the Justice and Legal Affairs Committee (JLAC) in May 2012