DCI Officer Accidentally Shoots Self While Arresting Hardcore Criminal

A signpost of Parklands Police Station in Nairobi.
A signpost of Parklands Police Station in Nairobi.

A Parklands Police Officer is nursing an injury at a city hospital from accidentally shooting himself as he tried to arrest a dangerous criminal.

On Friday, October 29, Detective Luke Juma chased after Philip Munyasia, a criminal that had been terrorizing the city by taking his victims' lives.

Munyasia was on the run when he noticed Juma had identified him and was coming for him.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations statement, the traders along Lunga Lunga road were astonished by the dramatic turn of events.

Police officers patrol during a previous operation to flush out criminals.

“Munyasia had taken flight when he spotted the detective coming for him, prompting a chase that left traders along Lunga Lunga road in Nairobi’s Industrial area, dismayed,” part of the statement read.

The chase came to a halt after Munyasia got tired and was panting uncontrollably. Juma then had an opportunity to arrest the suspect. 

When putting handcuffs on the 35-year-old criminal, he accidentally shot himself, injuring his left leg. The bullet was discharged by his Ceska pistol holstered around his waist.

“They rolled with Juma, who was struggling to handcuff a stubborn Munyasia. He accidentally discharged one round from his Ceska pistol holstered on his waist,” DCI added.

Juma managed to clinch onto the suspect regardless of his injury. It took the intervention of Corporal Abdilatif Ahmed to help put the hardcore criminal behind bars.

“However, he managed to restrain the suspect in his arms until Corporal Abdilatif Ahmed, whose service to the nation shall be missed when he retires soon,” DCI stated.

In the statement, the DCI recognized the detective’s efforts, praising his bravery while wishing him a quick recovery. 

“We congratulate detective Juma for his bold actions and pray for his speedy recovery,” DCI added.

A file image of the entrance of the DCI headquarters along Kiambu road.
A file image of the entrance of the DCI headquarters along Kiambu road.


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