Watch NTV Journalist Cry During Hot Chilli Competition

  • An image of empty NTV studios taken in October 2017
    NTV studios at Twin Towers along Kimathi Street in a photo dated October 2017.
  • NTV journalist Kevin Mutai, on Saturday, November 14, shed tears while covering a hot chilli competition at a mall in Nyali, Mombasa.

    The competition dubbed Hot Wing Challenge brought together participants from the county with the winner walking away with Ksh20,000.

    The event demanded that its participants eat the hot wings without rubbing their eyes, wiping their hands or accompanying the meal with a drink.

    In general, seven participants took part but five were disqualified after violating the rules. Only two emerged winners and shared the grand prize.

    NTV Reporter Kevin Mutai reports from Likoni Ferry in Mombasa in October 2019.
    NTV Reporter Kevin Mutai reports from Likoni Ferry in Mombasa in October 2019.

    The NTV clip showed some of the participants bow out of the competition and run to wash their faces with water as well as take cold drinks.

    "This pepper is so hot, it is burning. Let me first drink water. The pepper burned me everywhere including tongue, throat and hair," stated a participant while panting vigorously.

    They winners, while acknowledging that the chilli wings were so hot, maintained their calmness while accepting the price.

    "I take chilli but not in the quantity that I have taken today. I think what I have eaten today is a year's supply of chilli. I will not repeat," stated one winner.

    "It just spices up the food. You feel like a kick at the back of your throat when it has chilli. It gives it flavour and more character," stated the other champion.

    Mutai, who chose to try the meal, is seen attempting to contain the hot sauce while taking sips of his drink, acknowledging that he had underestimated the product.

    Speaking to, the reporter noted that almost everyone who participated in the competition shed tears in one way or another.

    "It is hot, extremely hot. It was not a joke. It was not just me, everyone who participated (shed tears). Eyes of some contestants had turned red," he noted.

    The competition took part in Mombasa for the first time on Saturday but will be a quarterly event with the next event expected to be in Nairobi in two months.

    Below is the video: