Media Personalities Who Honed Their Skills With PhD Degrees

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From left: Citizen TV Presenter Sam Gituku, David Muthengi and Njoki Chege

Journalism is among the career paths that has grown in popularity over the years. 

The practice, just like any other, requires time and dedication. Alongside experience and what an individual can offer to the respective media house that they work for, educational qualifications are also a factor to consider in the rising up the professional ladders.

While the majority of the media personalities have an undergraduate degree, a number have furthered their studies to the Masters level. Notably, a few have surpassed and gone ahead and pursued a doctor of philosophy (PhD). compiled a list of five journalists and media personalities who attained or started their journey to the highest academic degree. 

Judy Kosgei (L) and Dr Njoki Chege

1. Judy Kosgei

Judy Kosgei is an established journalist who worked for Citizen TV as a feature story writer and reporter. She joined the media house in April 2011 and left in January 2016 after nearly five years.

Kosgei also worked for KTN and Radio Maisha as a field reporter. A graduate of Information Sciences, she managed to squeeze time to pursue a post-graduate degree in International Conflict Management at the University of Nairobi (UoN).

After her spell at the Royal Media Services, she enrolled for a PhD in African Woman Studies at UoN.

2. Njoki Chege

Chege is a renowned journalist and columnist working with the Nation Media Group. Chege graduated with a PhD in Communication and Media Studies from Daystar University in 2020.

Now the Director of Innovation at Aga Khan University, Chege initially begun her career at the Standard Group in 2010 as a writer.

She joined Nation in May 2013 as a reporter, editor and eventually as an operations editor. While at Nation, she gained nationwide fame for her Saturday column - City Girl. 

3. David Muthengi

David Muthengi, known by his stage name 'Holy Dave' also makes it to the list. The former Bambika Show host announced his exit from his show to concentrate on his doctorate.

“As I am drawing closer to the end of my PhD journey, every minute, every ounce of energy and every resource is critical towards my thesis research. In the waves of this change,” he stated.

Muthengi noted on his profile that he did his PhD in Business Administration-Enterpreneurship & Small Business Development from UoN.

4. Dr Samuel Siringi

Samuel Siringi is an experienced journalist who has worked for the Nation Media Group. He is a holder of a PhD in Communication Studies from Moi University.

He had a fifteen-year career in journalism, beginning as an education reporter for Nation. Siringi then became a bureau chief, heading the North Rift regional office.

While at the media house, he rose in the ranks to Education Editor, Assignments Editor, and later as Associate Editor.

5. Sam Gituku

Gituku is among the top news anchors and hosts working with Citizen TV. Although little details are known about the area of his study, sources privy to revealed that the Day Break host is a PhD student.

Notably, he holds a Master's Degree in Communication Studies from Moi University (2015) and an undergraduate degree in Information Sciences, Publishing and Media Studies from Moi University.

From Left: Sam Gituku, Dave Muthengi and Dr Samuel Siingi