Jane Mugo Breaks Silence on Last Week's Near-Death Beating

  • A file image of Detective Jane Mugo at her home in Nairobi
    A file image of Detective Jane Mugo at her home in Nairobi
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  • Private investigator Jane Mugo has broken silence on the ordeal that befell her on the evening of Thursday, November 25 when she was attacked.

    According to the spy queen, she was travelling from Bungoma to Nairobi when she was attacked by unknown individuals at the Ainabkoi- Kapsabet junction.

    Speaking in an interview with a local TV channel, the detective stated that she was pursuing a sensitive case that involved murder in Busia and that she together with the Teso Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) had managed to make arrests regarding the same.

    Detective Jane Mugo at her home in Nairobi
    Private detective Jane Mugo at her home in Nairobi as documented in a BBC feature story in January 2021

    "It was during the case investigations that I realized that a police officer had been linked to the case," she stated in the interview.

    On the fateful day, she took note of two cars that were trailing her, identifying one of the vehicles as a Subaru, that later sandwiched her car, forcing them to stop.

    Four men armed with AK47 guns approached their car, ransacked it, before ordering her out of the vehicle.

    It was then that one of the attackers retreated to one of their vehicles to fetch a crude weapon, which he used in the vicious attack on Mugo.

    "I sustained these injuries trying to shield myself from the attacks, where I sustained three fractures on my arms, breaking two fingers," she stated showing her scars during the interview.

    Her assailants escaped with her driver, Kevin Okoth, and a passenger by the name Newton Manyana together with Mugo's vehicle, a Toyota Prado.

    A bruised Mugo was left for dead, and she struggled to make her way to the road where a good samaritan rescued her. The stranger would later take her to the Burnt Forest County Hospital before being transferred to the  Reale Hospital in Eldoret Town.

    Her vehicle was recovered in Mumias while her driver and the other occupant were found dumped in Baringo County.

    Police are yet to make any arrests days after the incident that left the private detective shaken.

    Mugo believes that the attack has something to do with her political ambitions, as she has declared interest in the Kirinyaga Woman Representative seat in the forthcoming 2022 polls.

    Private investigator Jane Mugo
    Private investigator Jane Mugo
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