Top 100 Kenyans 2021

Top 100 Kenyans 2021
A collage of some of the finalists of the Top 100 Kenyans 2021.

Over the last one year, Kenya has experienced a paradigm shift in almost all sectors following the unexpected disruption caused by the Covid-19 pandemic that swept across the world.

Despite this disruption of the economy and normal way of life, the Kenyan spirit of resilience was visible by act and design through inventions, innovations, causes, leadership and research among others.

Many Kenyans, in their different disciplines and career paths, directly or indirectly made impact through their acts of courage, thought process and leadership., through its pool of experienced editors and journalists, combed through the performance, impact and influence of Kenyans from across all sectors to compile and consolidate this list of Top 100 Kenyans 2021.

This is a collection of the most influential people across the country, and the names on the list include entertainers, political leaders, industrialists, investors, media personalities, entrepreneurs, sportspersons and community workers among others.

So what makes people influential? What makes an individual worthy of a spot on the Top 100 Kenyans 2021?

The people with the greatest impact in their careers and line of duty in the year under review deserve to be ranked highly. Each of these incredible and inspirational people used the power of their minds, innovations and position to make a change in the country.

All entrants in the Top 100 Kenyans 2021 have challenged the status quo in one way or the other over the past 12 months.

A diverse crew, to say the least, Top 100 Kenyans 2021 perfectly encapsulates the unique collection of thought-starters and industry leaders that invariably shape the country and the list itself.

This list features extraordinary leaders in the country working to build a better future; from entertainers striving to make Kenyan content more inclusive to activists advocating for respect of human rights and upholding the rule of law. They are disruptors, iconoclasts, doers, problem-solvers, fixers—people who in a year of crisis have made a visible mark.

 43 of the entrants this year are female, with the youngest featured, Shanah Manjeru, just 13-years-old. Conversely, Manu Chandaria - a renowned industrialist and philanthropist, takes home the unenviable honour of being the oldest person in the list at 92 years of age.

In the dispensation of their mandates on a daily basis, the listed Top 100 Kenyans 2021 went over and above board to easily navigate ethical challenges such as conflicts of interest, junkets, intellectual theft, kowtowing to parties of interest, freebies, use of dubious ways and means to get things done, and outright bending of the law.

While compiling this list, ensured that the persons nominated and eventually voted in, were free from governmental, commercial and proprietorial interference in their respective disciplines.

From their relationships with people in related field to those outside their careers, all the entrants of the Top 100 Kenyans 2021 have succeeded in commanding total control of their work. Invariably, these individuals have been men and women of great wealth and talent.

During the entire nomination process, several questions were answered. These included; How do these nominees ensure that they make decisions that positively impact on the citizens? How do they go about making sure what they do is within the precinct of the law? What is it that they have done that stands out compared to their peers in the same discipline? How do we, as, measure the success rate of these individuals to warrant their nomination? We chose to answer as many questions as possible by examining specific industries.

In the case of Health Cabinet Secretary, Mutahi Kagwe, dialled the controversy owing to his perceived nature of blowing hot and cold in handling the Covid-19 pandemic. Irrespective of any opinion, he made the cut for his exceptional management of the health crisis, especially on the onset of the virus.

Advocate Nelson Havi, entrepreneur Tabitha Karanja and anti-Female Genital Mutilation (Anti-FGM) crusader Josephine Kulea are multiple honorees who have maintained their flavour and colour amid tight contest for these top spots.

The likes of comedian Timothy Kimani, alias Njugush, nominated MP Wilson Sossion, and CNN’s Larry Madowo not only prompt deep re-appraisals by Kenyans, but are also known for catalysing essential conversations on various topics.

Declaration of Interest: The Top 100 Kenyans 2021 list is free of any external or internal influence, was carried out objectively over a period of three months. followed the principles of fairness, integrity, balance, and competitive advantages of the nominees in the listing process.

Featuring these public figures and impactful people, this is a list of Top 100 Kenyans 2021 as compiled by


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