Raila, Uhuru Gang Up Against Ruto at Jamhuri Day Event

Deputy Presidnet William Ruto, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.
Deputy Presidnet William Ruto, former Prime Minister Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.

President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga appeared to take a swipe at Deputy President William Ruto during the Jamhuri Day Celebrations.

The two, who addressed the crowd during the Sunday, December 12, national event, noted that they had worked together splendidly well.

President Kenyatta, who first addressed the crowd, noted that the idea to give Uhuru Gardens a facelift was conceived in a discussion between the two without the involvement of the DP, who, according to the constitution, should work closely with the Head of State.

The President noted that he was given pieces of advice by Odinga which later culminated into the development of the unedited history that will be stored at the grounds.

President Uhuru Kenyatta salutes
President Uhuru Kenyatta salutes as he witnesses a fly-past by Kenya Airforce (KAF) aircraft and a free fall by Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) Paratroopers.
State House

"I take this opportunity to thank all that I worked with in building Uhuru Gardens. I would err if I don't mention that one person who I have been talking to since 14 months ago when I started this project of Uhuru gardens who I walked with here and offered me advice. Raila Odinga, I say thank you so much for what you have done," stated the Head of State before breaking protocol by inviting the former Prime Minister to address the crowd.

Raila, in his speech, took the country through a history lesson and pointed out that in the colonial era, Uhuru Gradens, which was then known as Open Grounds next to Nairobi Dam, was used as a torture chamber.

He also took a swipe at the DP arguing that during the time, the land on which Weston Hotel stands was part of the chambers and that after Kenya gained its independence, it was to be transformed into public grounds.

"This one here was called open ground next to Nairobi Dam. This one was chosen because it was a concentration camp where as the president has said, freedom heroes were tortured. 

"Next to the Weston Hotel, which is part of these grounds, in Lang'ata Primary School, there are torture chambers which had been preserved by the Museum of Kenya for people to know where we have come from...This land had been grabbed by those land grabbers who see open space and cannot stop grabbing them, but you, your excellency managed to retrieve it for the benefit of our people," Raila remarked. 

Odinga who has already announced his Presidential bid in the coming polls also noted that he challenged the Head of State to emulate Namibia and replicate the results in Kenya.

He disputed UDA's claims that the past is not of much importance than the future noting that the country's past offered life lessons not to be replicated in future and that it was important for citizens to be well versed with the facts.

"Your Excellency, what you have done here is great. I asked you when you went to Namibia, to go and look what you have done. When you came back you told me to do better. We will actually do better.

"Here, you say want history unedited here. People will come to see to Harry Thuku was and many other historians," he added.

Ruto, who spoke earlier, kept his address subtle with promises to create opportunities through established industries and carry on with Kenyatta's development agenda. He also managed to sneak his political slogan "Kazi ni Kazi" which loosely translates to all jobs deserve respect. 

Upcoming Museum

President Uhuru also noted that the state was set to launch a State of the Art Museum at the Uhuru Gardens in April 2022 packed with historical facts.

School children would be permitted to visit the museum for knowledge over their past.

BBI Dream

On the Building Bridges Initiative, Kenyatta assured Kenyans that BBI would return and that the journey they had began when they shook hands in March 2018 was unstoppable.

"BBI is just a dream deferred one day, someday it will happen."

"We ask Kenyans need each other as our forefathers taught us, to come together reinforced our resolve," the President said.

DP Ruto remains opposed to the BBI process, which the Courts declared null and void.

Right to Left: Deputy President William Ruto, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto's wife Rachel.
Right to Left: Deputy President William Ruto, President Uhuru Kenyatta and Ruto's wife Rachel.