PS in Verbal Altercation With KeNHA Official Over Uhuru Legacy Project

  • A file image on an ongoing road construction
    A file image on an ongoing road construction
  • Energy Principal Secretary, Maj Gen (Rtd) Gordon Kihalangwa, publicly scolded a Kenya National Highway Authority (KeNHA) official during an inspection of infrastructural projects in the Coast region.

    In a video, the PS was filmed getting into a verbal altercation with Coast regional KeNHA Director, Eric Wambua, after he was asked to explain why a road project had not started yet money had been already allocated.

    The altercation took place after a team of top government officials inspected the Kwale - Kinango road project which is a legacy project of President Uhuru Kenyatta.

    Energy Principal Secretary Gordon Kihalangwa.
    Energy Principal Secretary Gordon Kihalangwa.

    The Retired General could not hide his disbelief as he angrily expressed his displeasure with a report that Wambua had given to the government officials.

    Kihalangwa was not pleased after the KeNHA official failed to report that the delay in commencing the road project was a major challenge.

    "A delay of four months or five months and you are happy that there is no challenge," he expressed.

    In his defence, Wambua stated that despite the delay, they had purchased some of the materials that would be used in undertaking the project.

    Wambua added that they were facing a challenge in constructing 11km of the road. He explained that they had a meeting with the stakeholders and were resolving the issue.

    However, the PS immediately interrupted the official demanding that Wambua provides a list of the equipment that had been bought.

    "Listen to what the PS is saying, if you are going to do 29 km in three years, what are you telling me? You are the engineers, why?" he stated.

    The Kwale road is part of the Ksh3 billion road project that started in November 2021 and is meant to connect Kwale County to the Nairobi-Mombasa Highway.

    The visit by the government officials to the coast region is part of the government's move to ensure that the President's legacy projects are completed on time even as his time comes to a close in eight months.

    President Uhuru Kenyatta Delivering end of year message at statehouse of Friday December 31,2021
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