Details Emerge on Woman's Body Dumped Outside GSU Camp

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    DCI detectives pick a body from a scene
  • Juja Sub-county Police Commander, Dorothy Migarusha, has revealed details about a body found outside the GSU Recce station in Ruiru on Monday, January 17, 2022.

    According to the police, the woman was hacked to death in a different location then her body was put in a gunny bag and dumped outside the GSU station.

    Migarusha disclosed that the body of the young woman, believed to be in her early twenties, had been stashed in the gunny bag and put in a black suitcase with her hands tied from behind.

    The deceased was also found with a nylon rope around her neck and her body had a visible deep cut on the left chest side.

    A file image of officers ferrying a body from a residential area.
    A file image of officers ferrying a body from a residential area.

    "It was reported by members of the public that there was a dead body in a briefcase which had been dumped near the service lane along the perimeter wall of the Recce company camp at Toll area M/R BJ755775 about 4km south of the station. 

    "Police officers visited the scene and confirmed that there was a body of an unknown African female adult in her early twenties who had been stashed in a nylon sack and put in a black suitcase with the hands tied at the back and both legs as well tied with manila ropes," a police report stated.

    Police further revealed that the body had ink writings on the chest, both palms and both thighs which read “Bwana ya mtu ni sumu" (Someone's husband is poison).

    Migarusha stated that the woman appeared to have been killed elsewhere and her body dumped outside the GSU camp.

    "The scene was processed by CSI Thika and the body was moved to City Mortuary awaiting identification and autopsy," a police report read.

    There has been an increase in crimes of passion with numerous cases being highlighted in the country. 

    In July 2021, the country was shocked after a Kenyan man confessed to police that he stabbed, burnt and disposed of his girlfriend's body before fleeing the country.

    Lincoln Abraham Ng’iendo confessed to detectives from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) to killing Elizabeth Kiloko Nthei, a Kenyatta University student.

    Ng'iendo stated that he sold his TV for Ksh21,000 because he was in need of the money for the second part of his plan. On October 22, he removed the body and drove to Ruiru, doused it with petrol and set it on fire.

    He posed as a kidnapper and called Nthei's mother and asked for Ksh45,000 or he would kill her but the parents never sent the money. Ng'iendo went back to the house, cleaned it and burned Nthei's belongings before fleeing to Tanzania.

    The suspect stayed in Tanzania for a while but on his way back to Kenya, immigration officers arrested him and he was jailed for 7 months before being freed and escorted to the Namanga border. 

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