I Imported a Rolls Royce for My Wife - Billionaire Manu Chandaria

Billionaire Manu Chandaria (right) alongside his wife Aruna Chandaria.
Billionaire Manu Chandaria (right) alongside his wife Aruna Chandaria.

Billionaire and business mogul Manu Chandaria on Sunday, January 30, detailed how he went to great lengths to purchase a Rolls Royce that his wife, Aruna Chandaria, had requested for.

Speaking on Churchill Show, Chandaria narrated that his efforts to convince his wife to settle for a Mercedes Benz were futile as she remained adamant in her quest to drive the British automobile. 

"One time she wanted a Rolls Royce and I wondered how we could do it as the vehicle wasn't in the country. The best we could do was a Mercedes and we already had two Mercedes. Her nephew lived in South Africa and I instructed him to look for the vehicle so that we can buy it," narrated Chandaria.

Billionaire Manu Chandaria
Billionaire Manu Chandaria

"So we found one and we bought it for her. But we hardly use it," he stated without divulging the price of the vehicle. 

Chandaria, however, noted that it has been seven years since his wife drove the car - a factor that Aruna responded to by pointing out the poor quality of roads in most parts of the country. 

"I used to drive but with the roads, we can't drive safely. Unless there is a chauffeur for all my traveling expeditions," she noted.

According to Chandaria, he met with his wife during World War II but unfortunately the two had to part ways when both of their families moved to India due to the escalating conflict. 

The two families would separately move back to Kenya and the two love birds met again in 1952, revitalizing their memories. He noted that over the years, they have learnt to understand and accept one another in order to weather the storms they experience in their marriage. 

"She was beautiful and I liked her way of expressing herself," he noted. 

Christening his empire as a family business, Chandaria noted that a lot of work ethic had to come into play in order to become a revered entrepreneur and amass billions in wealth. 

"It’s been tough, but Comcraft company flourished. My father had founded the company, and he insisted on us getting a quality education. When we joined him, we worked hard. Sometimes we used to work up to midnight and be up by 5am," Chandaria stated in a previous interview. 

Billionaire Manu Chandaria with his wife Aruna Chandaria at Attorney General's office in 2019
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