Little Known Story of Takawiri Island: Hidden Gem on Lake Victoria

  • Photo collage of Takawiri island on Lake Victoria
    Photo collage of Takawiri island on Lake Victoria
    Bonita on Safari
  • Over the years, explorers and travellers have continued to discover hidden gems that have received little to no media attention but are worth every mention.

    One of the little-known hidden gems is Takawiri island located in Lake Victoria. The lake, which is the biggest in East Africa, is home to 19 islands.

    Takawiri island is adjacent to the famous Mfangano island - which is also known as Nam Lolwe. Its history has not been documented to reveal who is behind the unique island that offers a beautiful beach experience.

    File photo of Takawiri island on lake victoria
    File photo of Takawiri island on Lake victoria

    The island is uniquely characterised by a stretch of white sandy beach, tall palm trees, and the clearest of blue water, all key characteristics of the Kenyan coast.

    It is a master of fine things with a Coastal feel with visitors getting to enjoy bird watching, unique photography, beach hotel services, and fishing.

    From Rusinga island, it takes about an hour to get to the island. Boat is the only available means of transport to this gem.

    However, there is ferry service from Mbita to the island but with only four departures per day.

    The unique island, despite being prestigious, is not connected to electricity. Most facilities and resorts run on solar energy. It has little distractions ranging from noise to air pollution, making it ideal for a perfect getaway.

    The island has fresh water allowing visitors to swim freely. Its conducive environment attracts different species of birds such as white egrets, Egyptian, marsh harriers, fish eagles, and cormorants among others.

    For those planning to go on fishing adventures, the island has a number of species including Nile Perch, catfish and tilapia.  

    The magical place is perfect for boat trips, swimming, sightseeing, and sundowners.

    It also has a number of resorts with different prices accommodating visitors from all walks of life.

    An image of a fisherman
    A fisherman casting his net in Lake Victoria.