Story of Student Who Went Viral Dancing in Front of Cops Along Thika Road

Screenshots of Joseph Wangui alias Jayb Wangui dancing in front of traffic officers along Thika Road.
Screenshots of Joseph Wangui alias Jayb Wangui dancing in front of traffic officers along Thika Road.

For the ardent social media users, you may have come across a video circulating online of a student dancing in front of traffic officers along Thika Superhighway in Juja, Kiambu County. 

The video displays the student's daring antics as he dances right before the cops, donning a mask, robe, shorts, socks, and sandals. It has since received over 2 million views on Tiktok alone and close to 100,000 likes. 

The star of the video is Joseph Wangui, popularly known as Jayb Wangui. Speaking to, the content creator narrated his experience and how the video came to be.

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Wangui confirmed that the video was fortuitous and not pre-planned as speculated by many people. He added that he sought to perform a daring skit that would capture the attention of online users, disregarding any consequences that could have come his way. 

"We had not planned anything prior to the shoot, I just informed my cameraman to start shooting and come to my rescue just in case things go south," he stated.

When he posted the video online, it attracted many views and comments, with his family primarily concerned about his safety. 

"Almost every member of my family called to warn me about such acts. In the case of my mother, we had a two hour meeting with her just to convince her that it was content creation. I received so many calls that I ended up changing my phone number," he disclosed. 

Wangui also gave an account of one of his most daring skits that almost landed him in trouble. The challenge involved removing the facemasks of passersby, which was after Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe had lifted the masking directive. 

"I went to a nearby barber shop in Juja, whereby I removed the masks of two muscular men. Attempting to flee the scene, I got caught. The men picked me up and hoisted me in the air."

Wangui had initially informed his crew and cameramen to come to his rescue in case the skit goes wrong. The crew ran inside the barbershop to explain to the angry crowd that the act is for content creation. 

"Fortunately, they had watched my previous skits and ended up pardoning me," he expressed with relief.

Wangui affirmed that the videos have built a fanbase among Kenyans online who appreciate his content. He noted that he is inspired by day-to-day activities. 

The daring content creator is a third year student pursuing Human Resource at the Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT). He noted that he would love to enrich his content and explore other avenues in order to grow his followers and ultimately earn from his art.

Main entrance at JKUAT main campus in Juja