Matiang'i, Mutyambai Order Special Operation Over Nakuru Mystery Killings

Interior CS Fred Matiang'i speaks to Nakuru residents on Saturday, June 25, 2022.
Former Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i speaking to Nakuru residents on Saturday, June 25, 2022.
Fred Matiang'i

Interior Cabinet Secretary Fred Matiang'i has ordered a sting operation to flush out a gang that has been terrorizing Nakuru residents. 

Speaking in Nakuru county, Matiang'i affirmed that Inspector General of Police, Hilary Mutyambai, had taken up the matter with the assurance that the police force would brutally deal with the gang. 

He added that adequate measures had been put in place to contain the radical group.

Police officers at a kidnapping scene
DCI officers combing through a crime scene

"Yesterday, we talked to Inspector General of Police, Hilary Mutyambai and police officers based in Nakuru. We have already placed enough measures to flush out this confirm gang. But this time around, we are going to confirm you," Matiang'i stated. 

Media reports indicate that the group targets young girls, sexually assault them, kills them by strangulation and burns their bodies to conceal evidence.

Susan Wambui, a mother of three, became the latest victim of the gang after she was killed and her body burnt beyond recognition this past Tuesday. 

According to Wambui's family, she worked at a mobile money shop in Mawanga, Nakuru county, and was killed in the presence of her child. The family says that the postmortem revealed she was strangled with a rope.

"The results say that she was strangled from behind, either with a rope or a wire of four millimeters. The fingers were pale blue and her hands were already stretched showing signs of struggle. They stole cash box and TV." 

Diana Opicho, 23-year-old, was also murdered by the attackers who were in the process of burning her body before her brother showed up. 

According to Jotham Opicho, Diana's father, her body was covered by mattresses and clothes by the time her brother arrived. 

"My son informed me that she was covered in mattresses and clothes indicating that they were ready to burn the body like they were doing in other places," he stated. 

Grace Wambui, 21-year-old, was the gang's first victim as she was attacked at her family's home. Her parents, who were away at the time, found their kin's body burnt beyond recognition. 

"Many of us thought that she had died by suicide but by the way the house was burnt and the way the postmortem results, my daughter was killed and then burned,"Peter Kariuki, Grace's father, stated. 

Nakuru North Police commander Samson Abanji, affirmed that they had arrested one suspect in connection with the crimes and were speeding investigations in order to apprehend the gang. 

A Kenyan police officer pictured at a crime scene.
A Kenyan police officer pictured at a crime scene.
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